HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 444 : 28 January 2009

Rare blend surprises music lovers at The Point

Diners and music fans were given a rare treat this week at The Point Restaurant and Bar when visiting singing sensation Peter Morgan surprised everyone by teaming up with Hawaii maestro Rudy Aquino to forge a new Raro blend.
Rudy – who is a regular feature at the Muri spot on Friday nights – joined the smooth stylings of resident artist Morgan for a night of slick funk rhythms and a ‘rebirth of the cool’.
For Morgan, it was the last night of a two-week string of appearances at The Point. And what an amazing night it was! As if the lagoon setting of the Muri Beach Club Hotel wasn’t perfect enough to capture one of the most respected musicians in Australia today – along comes Rudy with a vibraphone that would send chills through the hottest jazz tones around. He brung his mallets, and his chops to this gig!
Morgan introduced the evening with his usual aplomb, conjuring Al Jarreau and George Benson before allowing Rudy’s vibes to swing and reverberate through the hotel. The resulting blend of samba strains, funk, and soul, was seamless. And like the pros they are, Morgan and Rudy delivered the goods by stretching out on several favourites, including Earth Wind and Fire, Roberta Flack and yes – evoking the late great Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwo’ole in a grand finale duet.
‘Tis a pity Morgan departs Raro this week because the occasions for Rudy to roll out the vibes he bought back in ’68 just don’t come ‘round often enough. This new blend will just have to simmer for a while.

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