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CI Times Weekly | Current Issue 469|16 November 2012

Times Issue 467 09 November

Road map to assist development of our sea bed minerals sector
The Cook Islands is expected to benefit from a new management tool being developed by the ACP organization (African/Caribbean/Pacific) according to Sea Bed Minerals Commissioner Paul Lynch who has just returned from an ACP meeting in Brussels.

Employment Relations Bill
Cabinet Ministers have been giving final consideration to details of some of the proposed changes to labour legislation under the Employment Relations Bill which will be tabled in the next session of parliament.

Marine compliance officers upskill
The Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) team took to the waters yesterday in a simulated intervention inspection of a local fishers as part of the compliance training workshop staff are currently attending.

Minister takes fight global
The Cook Islands is among the leading countries of the Region in taking a strong stand against smoking and Minister of Health Nandi Glassie wants to take the national fight to the global level.

Te Karere
Nuti Maori

Times Issue 466 02 November

TAU staff donation to Breast Cancer Foundation
On Wednesday afternoon, Te Aponga Uira (TAU) staff donated over $100 cash to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

PSC needed to act earlier over dismissals
It is one thing to say your door is always open and quite another to be proactive.

Climate Change committee reports
News Updates from Climate Change Committee Reports

Te Karere
Nuti Maori

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Times Issue 465 19 October

Manihiki facing total power black-out
Help has been sought from Yuh Yow and Luen Thai fishing vessels to avoid a total power black-out

Finding an overseas donor to fund Aitutaki’s Orongo Development won’t be easy
The $15.4 million proposal to upgrade Aitutaki Port and Marina project, the “Orongo Development” is an example of how a “wish-list” item gained a foothold on the national Budget through political channels but because it does not assimilate well with central government’s and donor agencies’ new priorities, is in danger of losing its footing, falling off and being shelved.

PM encourages students to ‘think outside the rocks’
The Prime Minister Henry Puna has asked the students of the Region to help shift the Pacific’s mindset away from the limiting perceptions of Small Islands States, and to start ‘re-imagining’ themselves with a stronger presence in the world.

“A New Optimism – A More Dynamic Pacific Plan”
The Annual Leaders’ Lecture Series is a growing tradition in our Region and I am both pleased and honoured to be here this evening to fulfil this role as Chair of the Pacific Islands Forum. And to contribute in some small way to showcasing the Pacific Plan and the importance of our efforts to strengthen its place in our future.

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Times Issue 464 12 October 2012

Secrecy surrounds alleged dismissal of top public servant
The Times has learnt that the Office of the Public Service Commission (OPC) is investigating the procedures followed and applied by the Secretary for Foreign Affairs when he allegedly dismissed the Head of Immigration some four weeks ago.

Relations with China continue to mature
At 9am on Thursday morning the visiting delegation from the Guangdong province General Hospital, paid a call on Prime Minister Hon Henry Puna.

Step-up in combat against NCDs
The Cook Islands is part of a concerted effort to step up the fight against the spread of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), signing up to a WHO Package of Essential NCD interventions (PEN) and supporting a global target to reduce the biggest cause of death in the country.

Will the IMF and World Bank let us in?
The Minister for Finance and the Financial Secretary met with Chris Legge the Executive Director representing Asia and the Pacific islands at the International Monetary Fund regarding various issues.

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Times Issue 463 05 October 2012

Burglary reached tipping point for Vaimaanga resident
71 year old Vaimaanga resident Papa Tiare Brothers is “saddened” by the number of burglaries his Titikaveka home has endured with a number of his belongings going missing.

Government slams door shut on a third shipping license
It has been revealed in a recent letter by the Ministry for Transport that many applications for a third international shipping license has been made and have been declined.

Vanilla the cash crop of the Cook Islands
In the mild heat of Friday morning Agricultural Minister Nandi Glassie, Finance Minister Mark Brown, Agriculture Secretary Dr Purea and Agricultural Officer William Wigmore gathered with local vanilla growers including June Baudinet and Danny Mataroa to view two of the several vanilla plantations popping up on the island.

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Times Issue 462 28 September 2012

Wind power a big factor in countdown to 2020
Australian consultants have recommended that over half of Rarotonga’s future energy needs be generated by wind power.

Arrest follows police drug raid
Police uncovered one of the biggest seizures of Cannabis Plants in recent times when they executed a search warrant at a house in Panama on Wednesday.

Cook Islands National Council of Women has a busy week ahead
The Cook Islands National Council of Women has a busy week ahead from the 2nd to the 5th of October, 2012, for the following reasons:

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Times Issue 461 21 September 2012

Te Kukupa crew attends overseas training
Four crew members on the Cook Islands Police Patrol Boat Te Kukupa left on Monday for Australia to study at the Australian Maritime College (AMC) in Tasmania.

NZ contributes $10.2 million to Cook Islands renewable energy programme
The New Zealand government has agreed to contribute $10.2 million towards the Cook Islands renewable energy programme.

Young leaders call for inclusion
HONIARA, SOLOMON ISLANDS, 21 SEPTEMBER 2012: Young leaders said they need to be included in efforts for good governance and leadership in the Pacific, as the Commonwealth Pacific Youth Leadership and Integrity Conference closed today at the Commonwealth Youth Programme Regional Centre.

Police operation results in more arrests
While stepping up their efforts to round up offenders, Police acknowledge underlying problems and have floated a proposal that the community consider other possible options for rehabilitating young offenders, such as a “Boot Camp.”

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Times Issue 459 07 September 2012

MP seeks higher standing and more resources for Tupapa Maraerenga
Since being elected Member of Parliament for the country’s largest constituency, Tupapa Maraerenga (T-M), George Magee Angene has probably put more hours and effort into his constituency than any other MP.

MP strongly opposes layoffs
The Member of Parliament for the country’s biggest electorate, Tupapa Maraerenga, George Magee Angene has come out strongly in support of the five Cook Islands Investment Corporation staff who have been sent home from their jobs.

Talking Times... with Kerryn Cook 'Attracting more visitors from Australia'
Kerryn Cook is employed by Cook Islands Tourism Corporation as its General Manager for the Australian market. She talks to the Times about her role, what her work involves, the findings from her recent survey of the Australian market and her strategy to attract more tourists to the Cooks.

A Cook Islands Community Leader in Melbourne’s Southeast receives Women’s Leadership Award
While Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced on August 30 a new 10-year $320 million initiative to help improve the political, economic and social opportunities of Pacific women, a Cook Islands woman leader was to receive a leadership award the next day in Melbourne.

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Times Issue 458 31 August 2012

Tumultuous welcome for Secretary of State Clinton
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her delegation landed at Rarotonga International Airport around 10.30pm on Thursday to a tumultuous welcome from local politicians, dignitaries, dancers and members of the public.

Pacific Islands Leaders Forum News Breifs
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100 tonne tuna shipment marks launch of Golden Tuna brand
Friday 31st August 2012 – the first ever 100 tonne shipment of tuna to be offloaded in Rarotonga marked the backdrop for a media launch by the Minister of Marine Resources, Hon Teina Bishop to explain the strategy behind the “Golden Tuna” brand.

MOU for fisheries co operation with American Samoa
Friday 31 August 2012 – Fisheries cooperation between American Samoa and the Cook Islands is being strengthened through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the Governor of American Samoa, His Excellency Togiola T. A. Tulafono, and the Minister of Marine Resources, the Hon. Teina Bishop.

China in Pacific for common development: Chinese Vice Foreign Minister
RAROTONGA, Cook Islands, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai firmly rejected suggestions Thursday that China’s assistance to developing Pacific countries was aimed at furthering China’s own interests.

Iriirianga kapua “... te turanga o te taui`anga reva”
I teia epetoma nei, akamata i te pōpōngi i te 8.30, Ruitoru 22 – Paraparau 23 ki roto i te Are `Akatakapātoa o PMG i Parekura, kua rave `ia tēta`i `Iri`iri`anga-kāpua

Time Issue 457 24 August 2012

Unexpected savings produce a welcome budget surplus
Finance Minister Hon Mark Brown has good reason to be upbeat about government’s financial performance for the quarter ending June 2012.

To the Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and your executives PINA Executive and your member delegates from around the Pacific Supporting partners – Forum Secretariat, and SPREP representatives Sponsors of the PINA Conference and Workshop Special guests Kia Orana,

Opening of Te Raurau o te Kaingavai public-private partnership
Friday 24th August - Hon Mark Brown and Nandi Glassie along with New Zealand Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Ms Amanda Ellis, will officiate at the opening of a public-private sector partnership between the between Cook Islands Aquafarm and Cook Islands Government, through the Ministry of Marine Resources – under the name Te Raurau o te Kaingavai – the Green Living Water Gardens.

Checking public expenditure
Paul Allsworth, the Head of the PAC Secretariat says the purpose of the Public Accounts Committee is to examine the financial affairs and accounts of Government agencies of the State.

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Times Issue 455 10 August 2012

Greater respnonsibilities for outer island Mayors, Councilors
Visits to the outer islands to inform them of the provisions of the new Bill which will devolve greater financial and budgetary responsibility to outer island Mayors and Councilors, will commence as from next Monday with Mangaia being the first on the list.

Time has come to introduce agriculture specific training in schools
In years to come, agriculture will assume a greater importance and science will play a major part in securing our future sustenance.
Future security of our agriculture will also rely on enough knowledgeable growers entering the industry. At present the current crop of growers is getting older and they will tell you that few young ones are coming through to replace them.

Girls World Forum 2012
We departed Rarotonga to fly off to Auckland, New Zealand on the 10th of July, 2012.

Cook Islands athletes comment on their performances
As London soaks up the sun, with four days of the Olympics left, The Cook Islands has one more event to go: the K1 200 metre canoe sprint, with Joshua Utanga up against a world class field of athletes, already having failed to make the semi-finals in the K1 1000 metre sprint.

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Times Issue 454 03 August 2012

PSC review should include Ministerial Support Offices
June’s Budget document Part 1, page 112, advised of the OPSC planning to review the existing government job evaluation and remuneration system.

Regulations will ban Plastic Shopping Bags
From the 19th of September 2012, the Cook Islands will prohibit the importation of all non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags into the country and all importers will be required to switch to environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic shopping bags.

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Times Issue 453 27 July 2012

The far north: eyeing up Penrhyn
Will the Americans return to Penrhyn?If the Americans are considering what they might do to re-position themselves strategically in Polynesia, they might consider some assistance to government or supporting some commercial venture in relation to Penrhyn island.

Football season kick off next month
The 2012 Rarotonga Football season is scheduled to kick off next month after the Cook Islands Football Association’s Executive and club delegates agreed at a meeting last week that the 2012 Rarotonga Football season will feature seven clubs competing in the tournament from August through to mid December.

Australian TV cooking series features Cook Islands
Cook Islands Tourism was thrilled to partner with Australian chef, restaurateur and TV presenter Peter Kuravita at his Sydney restaurant Flying Fish on 17 July for two events.

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Times Issue 452 20 July 2012

Kiriau Turepu to chair new Punanga Nui Market Committee
Associate Minister for Agriculture Kiriau Turepu has stepped into the Chairman’s role for the Punanga Nui Market Committee which will assume responsibility for managing the Market.

Deferment of CISNOC AGM raises questions
The Times has been informed that the Cook Islands Sports and Olympic Committee’s (CISNOC’s) Executive Board is once again at loggerheads with some of the sports codes. This time it is over the deferment of the AGM scheduled for Tuesday 24 July 2012. On Wednesday 18 July 2012 at 4.47pm, General Secretary Rosie Blake advised the codes as follows

New era beckons for the Ariki
The new House of Ariki lays the platform to launch the Ariki to greater heights

The asteroid Apophis-the angel of death?
There is good reason to be very worried about the asteroid Apophis which flies by us next year. Scientists will be watching this flyby very closely-why? Because when Apophis returns in the year 2029 on Black Friday, we will know for sure if when it returns just seven years later in 2036, it will hit the Earth. Is the asteroid Apophis the angel of the abyss predicted in the Bible’s Book of Revelation?

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Times Issue 451 13 July 2012

Team Cook Islands on marketing mission
Team Cook Islands launched their official uniform to the London Olympics on Thursday evening at a function hosted by Prime Minister Hon Henry Puna at the Club Raro hotel. The formal wear was designed by TAV, while the sporting gear including athlete’s bag on wheels was designed by Turtles.

Cyclone Pat aftermath: government aware over 60 homes still unrepaired, owners seek action
More than 60 homes on Aitutaki remain unrepaired two years after Cyclone Pat devastated much of the island in February 2010.

Free spending money – Tourism’s newest drawcard
Westpac bank Cook Islands and Cook Islands Tourism Corporation launched the Mataora card Wednesday night with the first one presented to the Finance Minister Hon Mark Brown.

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Times Issue 450 29 June 2012

More details revealed on Chinese fishing venture
In last week’s Times, we announced plans by the Chinese fishing company, China Southern Fishery (Shenzen) Co Ltd (CSFC) a subsidiary of Luen Thai Fishing Venture Ltd.

Mangaia Firefighters workshop
Last year in April, Cook Islands Fire and Safety’s Fraser Smith applied for funding through NHRD to come to Mangaia and deliver basic Fire, Health and Safety training in the workplace and home to our people.

Launch of Gender and Local Governance Project
On Monday evening at 5.30 pm a function is being planned for to witness the commencement of Phase II of the Cook Islands Gender and Local Governance Project, 2012-2015

Times Issue 449 22 June 2012

Punanga Nui Market returning to Ministry of Agricuture
As of 1 July 2012, the Punanga Nui Market will be back under the wing of the Ministry of Agriculture after a short but highly developmental phase under the Business Trade Investment Board (BTIB).

Fishing venture with Chinese company will provide 60 new jobs and $7.2 million per year for local economy
On Friday afternoon I spoke with Casey Yu, Marketing Assistant for Leun Thai Fishing venture Ltd and Matthew Wang, Senior manager Production and Senior Fishery Engineer for China Southern Fishery (Shenzen) Co Ltd (CFSC), a subsidiary of Leun Thai.

MMR Refutes CINEWS and Opposition Leader’s Shark Allegations
Cook Islands News reporters and the Leader of the Opposition that a Luen Thai fishing vessel has been targeted for surveillance or that three tonnes of shark finswere found on board a vessel during recent sea operations have been refuted by the Ministry of Marine Resources.

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Times Issue 448 15 June 2012

Jetty enters construction phase
The Cooks Islands is set to become a more frequent stopover destination for visiting cruise ships, with funding confirmed for the construction of an alternative ocean access jetty at Arorangi.

Organisers plan bigger, better Te Maeva Nui
On Wednesday evening at the Crown Beach Resort & Spa, Minister for Cultural Development, Hon Teariki Heather launched the Te Maeva Nui Partnership programme before invited guests.

Alarming news about sharks
In Cook Islands waters, it is estimated that 1 shark is caught to every 1,000 longline hooks compared to 50 per 1,000 hooks in the northern hemisphere.

Te Tauturu a Rakei Toa ki te mapu tamaroa Kuki Airani
Na roto i te tauturu a te akava e te nga puapii koia a Pota Pokura e Turori Matutu i te tauturu i teia au tamariki kare e oki akaou ana ki te apii.

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Times Issue 447 08 June 2012

Budget 2012/2013: The highlights at a glance
udget environment: uncertainty in the global and regional economy continues and has become greater.

Kimi’anga Moni ei Akameitaki i te Pukapuka Hostel
Te turanga o te parani’anga (project) no runga i te Hostel o te Pukapuka, te aere marie ua nei tei reira

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Times Issue 446 18 May 2012

How the Titikaveka candidates line up
An overview of the three candidate’s campaigns and what their intentions and focuses are for the upcoming Titikaveka by election on 21 June 2012.

BBQ Fundraiser for Selina
The Times popped in to see Selina Napa, and her Democratic Party campaign team, who were in town this morning to deliver early lunches to island wide supporters.

Times Issue 445 11 May 2012

Sir Geoffrey Henry: a great Cook Islander and true Pacific Man
Sir Geoffrey’s true love besides his dear wife, Lady Henry, their children and grandchildren, is his people of the Cook Islands. That’s why he had the unique ability to make any person he speaks to feel important whether he be a paramount chief or a mama on an outer island.

Geoffrey Henry: Statesman and advocate of the Pacific Way
The effort by Sir Geoffrey behind the scenes in 2009 to establish a mediation mechanism between the Pacific Forum nations and Fiji’s Commodore Bainimarama is revealed for the first time

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Times Issue 444 04 May 2012

Golden Tuna brand samples closer
Cabinet has approved the “Golden Tuna” brand initiative proceeding, Marine Minister Hon Teina Bishop told the Times on Thursday morning.

Consolidation of $63 million of ADB loans will assist Cook Islands
Minister Mark Brown today joined the remaining Governors of the ADB in the first plenary session of the ADB. The Governors were given a presentation on past currency issues and an overview of where currency markets are headed particularly in light of the recent difficulties in the US and Europe.

Acing the top of the Class
With a background in adult literacy, Professional Development and Networks Manager of Adult Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa and Cook Islander Analiese Robertson for the past 20 odd years has been helping to develop and strengthen education

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Times Issue 443 27 April 2012

Business Mentoring is the secret weapon for success
Cook Islands companies looking to grow their business or groom it for sale are discovering that the Pacific Business Mentoring Programme is their secret weapon in securing the edge for success.

Sudden downpour floods oil septic
An overwhelming volume of rainwater caused flooding of the waste oil septic tank at the Avatiu Power Station, earlier this week.

Huge drop in land used for agriculture although water plentiful
Since 1988 the amount of land on Rarotonga used for growing, has dropped by 73 percent and it has nothing to do with the water supply

Fond reflections of the late Gerald Leon Papatera’i Garnier - of the legacy he leaves behind
The late Gerald Leon Papatera’i Garnier was born in Pare, Pira’e Tahiti on 11th November, 1928-83 years ago. He was descended among his ancestry from the Bambridge and Wichman lineages of Tahiti and the Cook Islands.

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Times Issue 442 20 April 2012

Increase in food prices a concern for FAO

Officials from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) Sub Regional Office in Samoa hosted a two day workshop starting Thursday morning at the Parekura Conference Centre to discuss the drastic increase in the prices of food.

Island administration had no funds to pay for fuel
Because Penrhyn island’s administration had not filed monthly reports to the Ministry of Finance, its bulk funding was suspended for three months. It had no money to purchase fuel.

Remembering Cook Island Soldiers
It is not known if there were any Cook Islanders among the British, Australian and NZ soldiers who landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 or who came as part of reinforcements during the eight month campaign

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Times Issue 441 14 April 2012

Passing of a quiet achiever
The Honourable Robert George Wigmore MP passed away peacefully at his home in the early hours of Friday morning, after a long illness, in the presence of his family. He was 62 yrs.

Hon. Robert Wigmore- a true servant of the people
On Friday morning the Opposition Office provided the Times with the following details on Robert Wigmore.

Second National Climate Change Report Released
After a “number of years” work, the National Environment Service (NES) presented the completed Second National Communication (2NC) report under the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC). The launch of the report took place at USP on Friday 13 April

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Times Issue 440 30 March 2012

PM wants young expatriates to return home
Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna has called for young expatriate Cook Islanders in New Zealand to move back home. Puna wants young people with tertiary qualifications to return to Cook Islands, so they can assist in the nation’s development. He made the call during his visit to Cook Islands communities in NZ’s South Island.

OPM switches off and saves
Assessing power use and offering energy conservation tips to staff in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has paid off with a decrease in power consumption and an estimated saving of nearly $1000 in its electricity bills for the past month.

Pacific Heads of Education meet in Fiji
Secretary of Education, Sharyn Paio was funded by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat to participate in a meeting of Pacific Heads of Education from 13-16 March in Nadi, Fiji.

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Times Issue 439 23 March 2012

Can a value be placed on a Cook Islander?
What is a Cook Islander worth? Can a value be placed on a Cook Islander?

Bishop to attend Fisheries meeting
Conservation of Tropical Tuna species will be a talking point at the next meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC)

IWinning tuna label entry announced
The Minister for Marine Resources, Hon. Teina Bishop, today announced the winners of the Cook Islands Schools Tuna Label Competition.

Absences from school concern Principal
Tereora College Principal Mr Bali Haque has been very concerned with the amount of time students seem to be taking off from school, with the longest period being over a month off.

Climate Change Cook Islands (CCCI)
Kia Orana. This is the first of a future monthly newsletter for the CCCI division to keep you all updated on what is happening within and surrounding climate change related activities.

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Times Issue 438 16 March 2012

Brown on access to NZ, depopulation, the economy
Below are the written questions put to Finance Minister Hon Mark Brown by Pitt Media Group’s (PMG) Moana Vaevae-Tetauru following the Minister’s statement to Radio NZ International earlier this week regarding ‘reviewing the free-entry into New Zealand.’ Other questions have been included to enable a balanced story. Brown’s written responses are set out below

Seaweed the answer?
Consultants say export earnings from seaweed could be high

Takitumu School Road signs
On Friday Takitumu Primary School celebrated the opening of their school crossing road signs. School Principal Engia Pate, said “The idea for the road safety design started back in 2009 where we noticed a large number of near misses with the students and oncoming vehicles.”

Moringa tea, it’s here
People will soon be able to buy and sample a new “tea” drink in the Cook Islands.

A Passion for Paddling
Ever thought about giving paddling a go? Well, Ngakau Toa Vaka (NTV) Canoeing Club wants you!

Times Issue 437 09 March 2012

Technology upgrade enhances Police communication
After a three month trial, an official handover of the new communications gear from the New Zealand Police force to the Cook Island Police force took place in the courtyard of the Cook Islands Police building on Friday the 9th of March 2012.

Youth Forum programme to honour expertise of young people
Rather than spending exuberant amounts of money on outside experts, the Youth Forum being held on Rarotonga next week will instead honour the ‘expertise’ of Cook Islands young people.

Independent ADB Social Welfare review report released
An independent Asian Development Bank (ADB) report which contains options for consideration of changes to the Cook Islands Social Welfare System and the 1989 Welfare Act has been released on Friday with the Government saying that it remains committed to continuing support and assistance to the elderly and most vulnerable

Minister Glassie to meet new FAO Director General in Vietnam
The Minister of Agriculture Hon Nandie Glassie will travel to Vietnam this week to meet with the new Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Viet Nam.

Bringing back Bonefish from a future of extinction
Aitutaki’s self-proclaimed “Bonefish Ambassador”, fly fisherman Jon Hall, has an enthusiasm for the Bonefish of Araura Enua that is infectious.

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Times Issue 436 02 March 2012

Safeguarding our Cultural Heritage
The second day of the 2012 Sub-Regional Information and Network Meeting for Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Safeguarding in the Pacific took place at Club Raro on Thursday.

Fast ferry to stimulate economic growth
A fast ferry service with a freight capacity will have the potential to stimulate economic activity in the outer islands and enable the outer islands to make a sustainable contribution to growing the country’s economy.

Overseas appointment a first for Cook Islands
Local Consultant, Chris Manu, leaves Rarotonga next week with his family to take up a USAID project position as Regional Infrastructure Advisor with the global company AECOM, a provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government.

Enua Manu prepares for long term growth in the Tourism sector
One of the most exciting outcomes of the recently launched destination development project on Atiu has been the incredible support by the people of Atiu for the initiatives which were developed in consultation with the community.

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Times Issue 435 24 February 2012

Cardinal makes whirl wind visit
Cardinal Gaudencio B. Rosales departed the country yesterday following a whirlwind tour of Rarotonga, Atiu and Aitutaki.

WATSAN begins phase two of the $2.4 million upgrade
The Water, Waste and Sanitation (WATSAN) unit of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning (MOIP) has begun work on the second phase of the Muri/Avana Pilot Programme.

Mr Pip comes to Tereora College
The lack of suitable and appropriate reading material for Tereora College english students raised an issue with new Head of Department Jessica Labas who in the attempt to “increase literacy and understanding of the English language” amongst Cook Islands students rallied to improve the current state of texts readily available.

Forum for Cook Islands youth confirmed
The steering group charged with organising and facilitating a Youth Forum for young people aged 15-25 from Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Mitiaro, Mauke and Rarotonga has confirmed the initiative will be held on Tuesday 13 March 2012 on Rarotonga.

Cook Islands expert on Marshall Islands Peer Review
“We have much to share and learn in return.”

Opposition says their earlier claims vindicated
Government’s drastic downward revision in the Appropriation Amendment of the expected revenue from the 15 per cent withholding tax is evidence government’s calculations were flawed claims the Democratic Party Opposition.

Brown’s new tax is flawed and irresponsible
Mark Brown’s new tax on our already struggling population is a gross miscalculation in more ways than one.

Titikaveka Green School Programme
Titikaveka College is working to become a ‘green’ school in 2012 through a programme delivered within the college with assistance also from relevant organizations and projects outside the college.

Airline underwrites key messages
Tourism accounts for some 75% of the gross domestic product of the Cook Islands

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Times Issue 434 17 February 2012

Air NZ subsidy blowout creates $2.5million budget deficit
At a Media Briefing in the Cabinet Room afternoon, Finance Minister Hon Mark Brown accompanied by Tourism Minister Hon Teina Bishop issued the following statement regarding the Air NZ subsidy.

Leader of the opposition position could be vacant
It is my belief that due to the serious illness of the Hon. Robert Wigmore who is also the Leader of the Opposition, the position of Parliamentary Opposition Leader will become vacant. I am not referring to his Parliamentary seat of Titikakeka.
- Norman George

EIA Report soon for Market extension
On Friday Hon Teariki Heather, Minister of Infrastructure and Planning, and his associates met to discuss solutions to the Ruatonga outlet and work on dealing with its drainage which causes blockage problems and flooding for the greater Tutakimoa area.

Dr Bo back in town
Returning to the Cook Islands is Chiropractor Dr Bo, from Manukau, New Zealand.

Rennie at the Friday Market
It is a real treat to see at the Takuvaine market on Friday, local designer Rennie Nooroa Peyroux and his original merchandise.

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Times Issue 433 10 February 2012

Aitutaki Sharks back in
The Aitutaki Sharks rugby league club is now back in the national league competition a last minute decision by the clubs and the association was reached yesterday.

NES Launches ‘Taau Taku Tita’ 2012 Campaign
The National Environment Service (NES) launched its campaign for 2012 on Friday.

Energy efficiency project team meet
Meeting for the first time on Friday morning was the Cook Islands team involved in carrying out phase 2 of the Asian Development Bank project for Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Pacific (PEEP).The team is; Chris Cheatham (Team Leader), Felix Gooneratne (Deputy team Leader) and Terekino (Tino) Vaireka (The National Technical EE expert).

Technological and Telecommunications Developments in the Cook Islands
Telecom Cook Islands Chief Executive Officer, Jules Maher, spoke to Ngariki Ngatae about developments in telecommunications in the Cook Islands. Following is part two of the interview covering the introduction of 3G and the possibilities that exist with access to up-to-date telecommunications technology.

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Times Issue 432 03 February 2012

Dr Manarangi-Trott to take on new role
The appointment of Dr Lara Manarangi-Trott as Compliance Manager for the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) in Pohnpei continues the tradition of Cook Islanders being well represented at regional fisheries management organisations (RFMOs).

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Exciting Times” for Technological and Telecommunications Developments in the Cook Islands
Telecom Cook Islands Chief Executive Officer, Jules Maher, spoke to Ngariki Ngatae about developments in telecommunications in the Cook Islands, including an in-depth look at the new O3b Network, Cloud computing and related business solutions, the launch of 3G and his views on what the array of developments will lead to for the Cook Islands. Following is part one of the interview.

Government at the crossroads, which way now?
Recently, positions were advertised for five people, headed by a Project manager, to begin the long hard look at implementing the recommendations of the ADB team which carried out the functional review of the public service.

The amazing space!
The Rarotonga International airport renovations were completed in 2011 and Polynesian Car Hire were fortunate to lease prime advertising wall space in the arrivals hall.

BBQ raises funds for Hostel
Looking to get in to the Atiu Monster draw to win the grand prize of $50,000?

Times Issue 431 27 January 2012

Korean gifts linked to sea bed minerals?
The timing of the gift from the Korean government to our government of three vehicles and 16 computers is of interest given the recent developments in the area of sea bed minerals.

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Firearms laws under review
Police Commissioner Maara Tetava has initiated a review of the current firearms laws in the Cook Islands, according to Inspector John Strickland

Minister’s speech to graduates
The following is the Minister of Education Teina Bishop’s speech to graduates at the ceremony held at the National Auditorium on Friday at 3pm

A Time of Great Joy and Celebration
On Thursday morning, 74 people were granted the honour of receiving their Permanent Residency (PR). As the spouses of Cook Islanders, or the spouses of other Permanent Residents, these people were awarded the status of becoming “true locals”

Times Issue 430 20 January 2012

The money’s in, now it’s down to business for pearl farmers
Manihiki pearl farmers met at 10am on Friday with the Minister of Marine Resources (MMR), Hon. Teina Bishop. Also in attendance was Secretary of Marine Resources, Ben Ponia, and the Cook Islands Pearl Authority (CIPA) Chair, Tina Browne.

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Fishing Minister takes to the air
On Thursday morning, Minister for the Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) Hon Teina Bishop went on Radio Cook Islands in an effort to clear up some misconceptions surfacing in the media regarding such matters as declining catch rates, exploratory fishing and license fees.

Changes proposed for Punanga Nui Market
BTIB has proposed that there will be changes in regards to the future of the Punanga Nui Market. Terry Rangi, Chief Executive Officer of the Business Trade Investment Board, (BTIB), plans to modify the current structure of the Punanga Nui Market and make some alterations to ensure the best for the vendors of the Punanga Nui Market as well as the members of the general public.

Cook Islands Development Partners to attend round table meeting
Representatives of development partners from New Zealand, Australia, the European Union and China as well as regional and international organisations will gather for the annual Round Table Meeting on Rarotonga later this month.

Times Issue 429 13 January 2012

Bad smells and radical solutions
In the wake of the well-publicised Scott’s Farm debacle, John Scott has been advised by Public Health to carry out more frequent clean-ups of waste on his farm, as well as ensuring those clean-ups happen within certain hours, to reduce the smell impact on surrounding residents.

News Briefs
News in brief

Positive outcome to meeting between Minister and local fishermen
The meeting between local fishermen concerned about declining catch rates and the Minister for Marine Hon Teina Bishop only took an hour but it was very fruitful and positive according to Dr George Ngaei who organized the meeting.

Kia Orana Cook Islands – Our Trade Development Strategy
It is confirmed: after the second successful year, the Kia Orana Cook Islands Forum now takes its place as a key tool in the destinations tourism trade development strategy.

Pohnpei pulls Pasha
The National Environment Service (NES) will, next Monday, lose one of its most experienced staff Pasha Carruthers, to The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) where she will take up a three year contract as Climate Change Officer for Micronesian nations.

Missing skipper on sex charges
An Auckland man facing sex charges is at the heart of a Mary Celeste mystery in the Cook Islands.

Friday the 13th
It’s Friday the 13th people! You know what that means! Yes, it’s Black Friday.

21 December 2012, the arrival of Nibiru, the mysterious Planet X
Is the world really going to end on 21 December 2012? There are numerous ancient legends and predictions which pin point the date while other old predictions are similar but do not mention a date.

A site twice cursed
More is revealed about the second curse placed on the Vaimaanga hotel site, a curse said to be more powerful than the first.

More Pieces of the Mystery
Pictured in the above photo is More Amoa who placed the second curse at the Vaimaanga hotel site in 1990. The photo was provided to the Times by a person who wishes to remain anonymous.

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