HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

Maria magic

Nestled in a cozy little corner of the Punanga Nui Market, there lies a unique hut. In that particular hut masterpieces of artwork are produced by the highly accomplished artist Maria File. Maria is truly one in a million, as she is one of the few who has taken up visual art as a full time professional. She draws her inspiration from her surroundings, everything from a simple green leaf to a rooster. It may seem out of the ordinary, but Maria likes to be different, she likes to stand out. Maria is doing amazingly well. A few admirers of her work pop in and out to see what she had in store.
Most of her work was inspired just by looking outside of her hut and taking in what the environment had to offer (which was a lot). She likes to use a lot of vivid, bold colors in her paintings to capture the attention of the viewer. Her black and white prints sell like hotcakes, because of the detailed patterns and its simplicity, which brings the local flavor out of the canvases. So come on down and check it out. Maria’s little hut is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 3pm.

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