HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

A taste of Cooks

A Taste of Cooks is a five part series made for television which will be on air on CITV Tuesday night at 7:30pm. This program was made possible by the combined efforts of Shona Pitt and Julie Taripo-Shedden with Shona as the presenter and Julie filming the footage.
The very first part of the series consists of five programs featuring our local favorite food, such as rukau, chop suey, rawfish etc. You get the idea. It’s going to be all Cook Islands on this one.
The whole program will be based on local delicacies and cuisine. It will show everything from how to obtain the freshest ingredients to the traditional cooking method. The whole purpose of filming this program is, not only to create a local cooking program, but to promote our island cuisine on a global scale. A Taste of Cooks will be a high quality production as the programme will be aired internationally. It will inform those overseas just what our country has to offer.
The whole program is still a work in progress, as Shona and Julie scour the island in search of some juicy tidbits of information on local delicacies, interviewing people, young and old, for their recipes.
A Taste of Cooks is strongly supported by the Business Trade Investment Board. The Tourism Corporation has also been approached and a response is awaited. Under the Tourism Strategy developed as part of the Economic Taskforce initiatives, a budget is proposed to promote quality local cuisine as a tourist attraction.

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