HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

FACEBOOK-future ov dah yungah generators

Okay. Here’s what it’s like for an average mapu. The first chance you get, you attack that computer, and log on one of the world’s most used sites. That’s right people, its Facebook. Hundreds upon thousands of cool kids (like me) have a Facebook page. I mean, you would be pretty abnormal if you didn’t (Jokes...Or maybe you just can’t afford that bloody internet fee...goshness) Facebook is a popular site for us youngsters and we are on it 24/7, which is totally unhealthy (but not for me, thank goodness) but yeah, Facebook is taking over.
You could literally live on Facebook. Some crazy people use it hardout. Whether it’s to find a long, lost friend, to show off or maybe just to hook up with some random chick/fella. It don’t really matter, there’s no shame in that.lol.coz that’s what Facebook was made for. Sort of. My point is, is that Facebook has its uses. I see some tamariki using the site at, like, one in the morning, which is hardout scary. Who’s paying their internet fee eh?
You can do a lot of amazing stuff on Facebook. It’s a way of communicating with each other. When your boyfriend leaves you after two days of dating, girl, you can tell anyone (anyone who wants to listen.lol.) and share your problems on Facebook. Sharing is caring after all. You could post a hate letter to your personal enemies without getting involved in a scrap. Now that’s freaking awesome.
I update my page once a week and see what’s all the happenings around. What’s the latest gossip and all that stuff. It keeps me occupied while I stalk some other people (Nah, I ain’t like that…) I see a few golden oldies have made their mark on Facebook. Wooow.
Facebook is a great way of meeting new and interesting mates, just to add as a friend and make your page look full. I’m still stuck on 109 friend which is sooo little compared to my other friends. Gosh, shaming. At least I get updated about everything around me, which is the most important thing. That’s my problem. I just need to be informed about everything (not even). I get free internet where I work, so that’s all covered (Jealous much?)
One of the bad things about Facebook is that nothing is private. Once you sign up, everything is exposed to your friends, whether you want them to find out or not. Facebook has been dubbed “The Stalker’s Site” by some cheeky people, which is totally not true.
Facebook is the latest thing around. So get into it!

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