HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

PMG News tackle nutritional program

Kia Orana all, this is one of many weekly articles to feature in the Cook Islands Herald and is a diary put together by four well really now three of us that have taken the initiative to burn the kilo’s under Nathan and Lani – the nutritionist coaches at Top Fitness (formerly Top Shape).
2-weeks into the program between the 3 of us, we’ve shed close to 7kg’s which is ‘bloody unbelievable’ considering we all love food.
The first few days of the program seemed to be a bit of a struggle knowingly we had to meet our protein intake in order to burn the ‘excess fat’ but working as a team and having positive attitudes is what got us through those tough times and it paid off – by the fourth day, between the three of us we shed close to 4kgs.
Not only are our ‘love handles’ being halved down to a ‘handle’ we noticed we’ve saved so much money by literally making an effort to wake up early, prepare our lunches for work and cutting out the ‘fizzy drinks’ and drinking good ol’ plain water!
We’ve all set individual personal goals and 2-weeks into the program we’ve achieved them. So far we’ve eliminated the ‘coke’ that use to gracefully decorate my [Mona] work table on a daily basis, Alex has kicked (well so far) the ‘junk-food’ diet and Harriet has literally turned away from ‘chocolate’!
The one reason behind keeping ourselves motivated and to reach our personal goals was mainly due to the guidance of both Nath and Lani who are now coaching close to 200 people on the island oh as well as knowing how much of our weight is made up of BODY FAT!!!!
Harriet was the initiative behind our joining after watching the ad on CITV the night before who then asked if I would be interested. Initially there were 3 of us who made the trip up to Top Shape followed by Alex who felt so inspired he visited Nath and Lani on our return.
However, a few days into the program – one of our colleagues seemed to have missed the boat, the truck and the plane - but we’re trying our best to get her back track because we all know she can do it and she does have the capability to DO it.
The three of us now look at the program as the best thing we’ve done and its because of both Nath and Lani from Top Fitness (formerly Top Shape) who take the time to sit down and talk and offer support and guidance to all those on the program – and best of all – its free.
Till next week – Ka kite!!!!

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