HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

Mystery visitor awesome, scary

“I will show wonders in the heavens..” Joel chapter 2 verse 3

The large, mysterious ball of fire seen traversing the night sky over Rarotonga in the early hours of last Friday morning was also spotted passing slowly over Mangaia by a number of people.
It may have been the same object sighted by others around the world.
When spotted by several people who were fishing off the coast near Tupapa, in Rarotonga, the fiery object was heading in a southerly direction towards Muri.
Nooroa Tupa who witnessed the object over Rarotonga, said it was the first time in his life he had seen such an object. He said it was “awesome” and “scary.”
“ It was like a big ball of fire with sparks coming from the tail,” Nooroa told the Herald on Sunday, “It did not appear to be at a great height, about the same height as a plane would fly.”
Nooroa said people in Mangaia contacted him to say the object had flown overhead. They told him it was moving slowly, a big ball of fire with a long trail at the back.
It is unlikely the object was the International Space Station as that moves at very high speed and in a north easterly direction. If the object appeared to be on fire then it was most likely entering the Earth’s atmosphere. If it had a long tail, it would indicate pieces breaking off.
A check of the internet site on “World -wide meteor news” reveals sightings of what must be the same object. Some of the sightings were reported from;
On 27 April a fireball was sighted in Gainsville Florida moving southwards.
On the same day an object was sighted over Columbus at 3.35pm.
An object was sighted over Galway Bay, west Irish coast.
An object was reported landing at Tablas Island in PNG at 3am on 28 April.
It would seem to be the same object or pieces broken off the same object.

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