HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

The Kay and Ian show

The recent art exhibition at Ian and Kay George’s art gallery, “The Art Studio,” in Arorangi was significant in that it marked the first occasion both artists have exhibited together.
Kay advised the Herald on Tuesday morning that it had been a very successful show. It was well attended and some 20 pieces were snapped up mainly by locals. Only a few pieces still remain and are available for sale.
This show differed from others held at the Art Studio in that Ian and Kay wanted to do something different. The exhibition had a bit of everything. The works were affordable and most were of a size easy to pack for travel. Kay said people are still buying art but are more discernable and she has found that the textile pieces work well mainly because they are easy to transport.
Kay said that in September/October the Art Studio plans to hold an outdoor exhibition, behind the gallery, of sculptures. She plans to talk to other artists about the concept.
In early June an exhibition of graffiti works is planned involving graffiti artist Nathan Welsh and local artist Mata Priest.
In the gallery at present is a diverse range of works by Ian and Kay and there are also some recent canvases by Mahiriki Tangaroa.
Kay has always kept her work fresh and has not been afraid to experiment with new forms, materials and concepts. Her works include painted furniture and large floor tiles. She has recently begun laying images on small pieces of stainless steel. It presents a different visual effect.

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