HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

Temptation – the biggest test

Kia Orana again, and yes we’re still on the nutritional program if that’s what you’re thinking! Quite frankly I actually do think that we can stick it out because of the teamwork involved and the support we offer each other.
One of the biggest test for us all is ‘the temptation’ by golly ‘the temptation’. Harriet’s biggest challenge was resisting ice-cream which was the family’s treat on Sunday, and mine was resisting Palace that gracefully ended up on our dinner table on Saturday night with much eyebrow throws at my husband, while Alex who has no problem with it (so he says – sorry about him!) his biggest challenge is meeting his daily protein intake, which is a no-problem’o for Harriet and I – mainly me as I’ve been known to go ‘over – way over’ my daily intake!
After weighing in last week, I am glad to report that between us, we’ve shed close to 3kg’s, it doesn’t sound much when you’re saying the number 3, but we like to convert it into food, meaning, we’ve lost a bag of chops and a block of cheese between the three of us – not including the amount of ‘fat’ we shed in the two-weeks before!
On a daily basis the three of us face smart remarks, like ‘whatever sort’a facials’ and ‘you sure its working cous how come we can’t see it,’ from some of our colleagues, mainly those who need to help themselves. The three of us have banded together and come up with, “because you choose not to! (ending with huge laughs!.)
Under the guidance of Nath and Lani, the nutritional coaches from Top Fitness, the program has been much easier to get through because of their encouragement, advice and support.
Prior to taking up the program, jumping on the scales for us was like a ‘no, no, no, no, no…..(backup and walk away type of thing….) now its nothing and the feeling of “yeah baabyyyy,” and the high 5’s you give each-other and the ‘awesome mate,’ comments from Nath and Lani is ‘fantabulous,’ ‘awesome,’ and ‘tumeke bro! and its because of that – that we WILL CONTINUE ON!
For free advice on the nutritional program, visit Nath and Lani at Top Fitness (formerly Top Shape) for free consultation – if you think the weekly article is inspiring -, this is nothing! The before and after shots of Nath and Lani (and the jeans) ARE!

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