HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

Ancient Sacred Stone last shown 23 years ago

The National Museum held its Preview of the “Cook Islands In Stone” exhibition on Tuesday evening. Anthropologist for the Ministry of Cultural Development, Mauri Toa, opened the preview on behalf of the Minister with a prayer. The opening address was by National Museum Curator, Mahiriki Tangaroa. Mahiriki thanked the exhibition sponsor, Cook Island Printing, for their photography, catalogue and exhibition display labels. Tupapa MP, the Hon George Angene (Maggie) officially opened the exhibition on behalf of the Cook Islands Government. The exhibition displays local objects, including Samoan-style head adzes and the toki collection. Tangaroa said the Museum was very lucky to have one exhibit that hadn’t been shown since 1988. The Ancient Sacred Stone – Tapiri Atua (To Stay With God), was last exhibited in 1988 at the library museum. It has been in storage until now. The stone is a family sacred stone of the Kainuku Ariki Family. The Sacred Stone, thought to be sixty four generations old, is used in the investiture of a new holder to the Kainuku Ariki Title, which carries much mana and emotional value. The exhibition starts Wednesday and runs through from June 1st – June 21st.

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