HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

Fitness Revolution – Hand in Hand for Healthy Eating and Living

Fitness Revolution is a proven concept which promotes everything from fitness to nutrition and healthy eating. Working hand in hand with this is Herbal Life Health and Wellness Evaluation nutrition coaches, Nathan and Leilani at Top Shape & Fitness Cook Islands. Their business is fitness. Since February 2011, the couple have been offering the community nutritional and practical advice. People are able to come into Top Shape and have a free assessment where they will be weighed, and their body fat measured by the Lean Protein Estimater. The Estimater works out how much lean protein you should have in your diet. Once that is established Leilani and Nathan are able give people a nutritional eating plan based on the Estimater. This is free for the public or existing members of the gym. Leilani explains that people shouldn’t be shy or embarrassed to come in and see them as this is all about educating people and breaking habits of a lifetime and/or generations. People are encouraged to come in every day and are weighed once a week. Along with their eating plan, clients are encouraged to start walking or exercising in any way they feel comfortable. Too many locals are over-weight and put themselves at risk of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes or high cholesterol. People don’t understand or don’t know about healthy eating and living, and we are here to break the food addictions and habits says Leilani. It does not mean you are weak or useless. Gradually you will begin to feel different, and will regain your energy back. Herbal Life compliments your eating plan and helps the body to cleanse and absorb nutrients better. Top Shape Administration Manager Augustine Kopa, says the gym also offers the community a wide range of classes for existing or non-existing classes. These include pump, power, zumba, fight do, core (targets core muscles, abdominals and butts) and new classes Synergy which is a hip hop class for students. Some of these classes have become so popular, that space has run out, and people have had to be turned away. The gym is running a promotion for this week only. To make membership affordable for the community, Top Shape are offering $9.50 membership for a minimum of six months (pay for first month in advance). If you want to change your life and shape and get healthy, call the team on 21254 or just call in and see them.

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