HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

$800,000 needed to complete Atiu Hostel

Two major fund raising proposals are being considered to raise funds to go towards the completion of the Atiu Hostel.
One is a proposal for a monster raffle. This is still in the planning stage and will require an application to Police for a permit. The other is the ‘Atiu Warrior $1,000.00 Club. In fact money is coming in already for the Club. So far, the Hostel project itself will cost an estimated $1.8 million and is about one-third complete. The actual projected figure to complete the Hostel as indicated to the Atiu Island Trust President in February 2011 is $834,872 which includes owings of $124,850.00 to creditors. Originally, the Hostel was estimated to cost around $500,000 but design changes pushed the cost up.
Atiu Rarotonga President is Puna Rakanui and Tangata Vainerere is the new the fund raising manager tasked with completing the hostel on Rarotonga.
Recently, Atiuans in Melbourne Australia demonstrated the power of Atiuans to support worthy projects during a busy Queen’s Birthday weekend as they launched their major fund raiser in Melbourne to build a community centre. Over A$26,000.00 was raised.
This was a tremendous effort by the organizing Committee under the leadership of Pastor Kapao Kapao and Nga Ariki, the President of the Atiu Melbourne community. Two nights of live entertainment were held and included guest artists of Atiuan musicians and entertainers within Melbourne, around the whole of Australia and Atiuan’s from as far as Auckland, Rarotonga and Tahiti. It was an effort that had never been seen before especially in Melbourne.
Commenting on the fund raising effort in Melbourne, Puna said, “Melbourne was the exception in the 2007 major fundraising tour where we, the Rarotonga Atiu-Puna toured Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane and Sydney raising nearly $300,000 in just two weeks! That was the construction seed for the new Atiu-Nui Maruarua III. At that time, said Puna, Melbourne rejected us from touring there – under the presidency of the present re-elected president. They had their reasons. In essence, I congratulate the Melbourne efforts. They have a dream, a vision, like all the various Atiu Puna, including Rarotonga – a classical trade mark of Atiuans! Our pa-metua used to urge our people to rise above all challenges, regardless, through a well entrenched korero: “Kake-kake au e aku teina e! Kake ake i tona puku! Kake ake i tona puku!”
Puna added, “The track record showed Melbourne did support us under the leadership of a different management team. This is somewhat similar to 2007, but we give them our blessings.
“We have spent in excess of $800,000 to date on Atiu Nui Maruarua III,” said Puna, “Commonsense tells me that money came from somewhere.”
“We have deliberately toned down our overall fundraising efforts this year for obvious reasons.” Said Puna, “As President, it is my responsibility to get this right!”
Puna said that work on the project had not stopped, it was ongoing but at a much slower pace. In due time, said Puna, in the Lord’s Good time, the complex will see a new day!

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