HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

Upgrade of Manihiki’s two harbours the priority

Last Tuesday Minister for Infrastructure Teariki Heather travelled to Manihiki on a two day trip to have a look at all the government assets such as machinery, the two harbours, airport, power station, water system and to also hold discussions with the Mayor and Councillors, Manihiki Island Administration and all government workers.
The Minister was last in Manihiki after Cyclone Martin with T&M Heather as part of the clean up effort.
This time round the Minister was impressed at how clean both Tukao and Tauhunu were. The condition of the roads was good. Although the machinery is operating well it is of an age where it will need to be maintained carefully. Should any new machinery be purchased buildings will be needed to afford adequate protection from the elements.
After inspecting government assets the Minister announced two priority projects he would be delivering in the new financial year. These will be to upgrade the two harbours at Tukao and Tauhunu. The work will involve local labour except for Tauhunu as explosives will need to be used requiring specialists. Tauhunu will be a major project as this is the main port where the boat delivers the food supply.
The Minister was concerned at the underutilized power system. There are four generators (two at Tukao and two at Tauhunu) but two are sufficient. The Minister suggested setting up a walk- in freezer to better utilize the available power. The idea being people can pay a fee to store their goods. The suggestion was well received.
As to the airport, the Minister was of the view the airport should be sealed as there was an ongoing maintenance cost. Sealing would enable the larger aircraft to travel to Manihiki thereby possibly reducing the air fares.
On his next trip north with the Prime Minister, possibly in August/ September, the Minister plans to visit Rakahanga. He also intends to visit Penrhyn and Pukapuka/ Nassau later in the year and end his northern visits with a visit to Palmerston.

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