HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 570:29 June 2011

News Briefs

Two youths from the Cook Islands to be part of spearhead ‘Movement for Peace in the Pacific’
John Taivairanga and Tamara File from the Cook Islands have been selected as two of the twenty youth delegates for the 2011 Wansolwara Youth Peace-building Training Programme.
John currently works at the Youth and Sports Division of the Ministry of Internal affairs and Tamara is the National Administrator of the Cook Islands National Youth Council. Both youth delegates are active members in their communities.
This month from June 20 – 23 twenty young people aged between 18 and 25 from around the Pacific region will gather in Auckland, New Zealand for an interactive four day programme focussing on regional solidarity, peace building and conflict resolution. New Zealand, a foundation member of the Commonwealth of Nations, will be an ideal setting for an initiative that propagates the potential of young people to be agents of peace-builders and developmental change. It ranks at number one on both the Global Transparency Index (perception of corruption), the Global Peace Index and number five on the International Democracy Index (the only Pacific country in the top five).
Johh Taivairanga said: “The Wansolwara training will give us the opportunity to educate, empower, enlighten and encourage our people on how peace building can make our communities and country a safe, clean and healthy environment for all of us.”
Tamara File said: “Yong people are vital to a peaceful world. It is time they rose up and made a stand. Youth are referred to as the future; the reality is they are the present. Young people are open to change and are willing to accept new ideas. What they learn now will shape the person they are to become. If we can lend them that guiding hand it could be the difference between them turning into a good human being or a misguided one.”
“The standard of applications received this year has been outstanding. The knowledge, experience and perspective that this group of participants bring to the programme will, I am sure, empower young people across the region to promote peace within their own communities,’’ said Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) Pacific Centre Programme Manager Mr. Paul Peteru.
This peace-building initiative has been developed by young people who represented the region at the Nkabom Commonwealth Youth Leadership Programme in 2010 in Rwanda, Africa. The Nkabom Commonwealth Youth Leadership Programme is one of the Royal Commonwealth Society’s flagship youth projects. Nkabom (pronounced ink-a-bom) means ‘coming together’ in parts of Ghana, and develops a youth-led network of young leaders who pioneer peace building initiatives in their communities, countries and beyond.
The conference is supported and funded by the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Young Entrepreneur program kicks off
Tereora College year 10, 12 and 13 students had an exciting new experience today, pitching their group business plans to three tough judges. The Young Entrepreneurs program kicks off with great ideas and tough feedbacks.
It’s the third year the Young Entrepreneur has run and it has been another success with the College students of Titikaveka College. Melina Tuiravaki the business development Manager for the Business Trade and Investment Board (BTIB) says “that it was time they opened it to Tereora College as well.”
“All year 10 students were given under a month to complete their program and the year 12 and 13 students had at least a week to complete their task. Their program for the week was the Business challenge, where the students have had to create a business plan; project cash flow as well as having to create their own product sample, then the students had to pitch their products to Grant Priest, Tokerau Jim and Tangata Tou. The three tough judges laid out the flaws of the student’s products and what they thought could improve it.” We really enjoyed ourselves and we will definitely be taking their advice into consideration, it was scary, but we came out of the shark’s cave unscratched.” Say’s Norma Ngatamariki.
BTIB provided mentorship for the students the past few weeks and will also be assisting them on their brochures, business cards as well as providing a venue. The Tereora College students in the program will be presenting and selling their products has part of the Young Entrepreneur program next week at the Go Local night market and at the International Youth night market held on the 12 of August.

Marriage Seminar booked out in advance
Celebration on the Rock conducted and hosted their first Marriage Seminar – “Forever Together” over the weekend.
The seminar had placements for 20 couples, and these placements were booked out in advance. “When we have a sound marriage, the overflow is to have great family living, which establishes a strong, whole society” said Jonathan Cargill, Pastor of Celebration on the Rock. The demands and stress placed on marriages is increasing and home base needs to be stronger than ever. Many start out their relationship hopeful, bright-eyed and in awe of their partner. However, research tells us that approximately 85% of marriages feel they don’t have intimacy in their relationship after ten years of marriage.
This seminar seeks to iron out some of the frustrations that couples face so we have designed the sessions to be relevant with topics such as communication, oneness, finances, honour and respect, roles within the marriage and intimacy plus much more. Cargill said they have run this kind of seminar back in New Zealand with positive results.
The speakers chosen are very open about their own lives and couples hear from both the husband and the wife. The speakers are genuine about their love for Christ and have a high regard for their own marriage. Cargill said he sometimes laughs to himself when he knows that some husbands feel they have been dragged along by their wives, but they always express gratitude by the end of the weekend. In essence, we believe that marriage can be the closest thing to Heaven or Hell on earth and there are often tears of reconciliation. Many establish a good relationship with their partner but over time the passion seems to fade away. The statistics of adultery and divorce are frightening says Cargill.
We are seeing an increased trend of young people electing to live with one another rather than marry. For some, this is seen as a better option because they have been brought up in a broken environment. We believe the weekend will cause breakthrough, challenge and skills that will enable many couples to move forward.
Celebration on the Rock is intending on hosting more of these marriage seminars, so if you are interested in attending a future seminar, contact Jonathan or Natasha on 24776. The cost for the weekend is $50 per couple which includes food throughout and a fully catered dinner.

Sushi anyone?
Small, green, but looking mean with food, has this lady smiling. Beverly Ezekeila has finally decided to bring back musubi and fresh sushi. So it isn’t new, but its back and it’s getting hotter, especially now that they have their own portable trailer called Tasty. The Tasty trailer can be found at the market from Tuesday’s to Saturday’s. They open from 10.am to 2pm on weekdays and 7.30am to 12pm on Saturday’s. The making of musubi and sushi has long been in the Ezekiela family, but now with four sons and one daughter it’s become a lot easier for Beverly.” My youngest son is very good at making musubi, so I always get him to help me out in the morning, but I still make all the difficult stuff.” Say’s Beverly. The Tasty trailer is also selling different kinds of yummy plates of food as they want to keep up with their customers wants.” Can’t stop smacking your lips yet, want Sushi? Then head on down town to the Punanga Nui market where the Tasty trailer will be waiting to smother you with their Tasty fresh products.

Tug Toa to the rescue
The large overseas barge loaded with machinery and the overseas tugboat have now arrived in Mauke but not without an eventful departure from Avatiu Harbour which involved the smaller local tugboat the Toa. The Herald spoke to the Harbour Master on Monday about the incident packed departure from Avatiu of the Mauke bound barge. On the day of departure (Friday) the weather conditions were not favourable. The Harbour Master advised the Captain that the weather conditions were unfavourable and that there were high swells and strong winds and to wait, so the barge docked where the Soren Larsen had been and waited one and a half to two hours for the weather to ease.
A window of opportunity came in the afternoon when a rain cloud arrived, it began to rain and the wind calmed down. The barge began to make its departure and head out past the green buoy. The Harbour Master advised the Captain to maintain speed, but noticed the captain momentarily reduced speed, then sped up again – this could have been due to the high swells at the time. It was then that it was noticed that the bollard on the tug boat had broken off.
The swells were still high, and the wind was beginning to pick up again at this point, but the barge was still in momentum and going forward. The quick action of the Toa was able to push the barge on its seaward course, which was well away from the reef and any danger, and out to the safety of the sea whilst the tow rope was eventually hooked back.

New on the rock- The Chinese Takeaway
Hungry for some authentic Chinese food, but don’t have the time to dress for restaurant approval? Then let Chef Chen from The Chinese Takeaway cook you up a traditional Chinese beef or chicken stir-fry. New on the Rock and located between Scotts Cool Room and Carlas Island Gifts The Chinese Takeaway has been open since last Friday. The menu will be changing frequently until they feel they have what the people want. Open from 10.am to 9.pm, The Chinese Takeaway will be selling dishes all under $10.

A giant Arrowroot
Mamatua Margaret Vahua Mathison, turning eighty one in four months, never thought that she would find something bigger than both her working boots put together in herself made garden.
Mama Mamatua who is the last of seven children, was asked by a friendly Arorangi resident selling vegetables alongside the road in Arorangi, if she would like to take some arrowroot home for her to eat. Mamatua declined saying she has enough of her own in her garden and that it would last her couple of weeks. Mama Mamatua not only has a variety of vegetables and fruits surrounding her house, but she also has a couple of chicken coups in which she fixes and takes care of herself.”I like to work, especially with plants, when someone gives me a plant I like to take care of it and raise it, so it can take care of me.”But never thinking that it could take more than twenty minutes to pull a couple of arrowroots out herself, Mamatua went home and started digging.
Mamatua says that “she couldn’t believe how heavy it was and that it took a long time for its roots to give.”But finally after longer than thirty minutes mamatua had her huge prize in her wheel barrow and pushed her way down to the road where she met the woman who had offered her some arrowroot the day before and presented the probable thirty kilo giant arrowroot, saying” I am here to sell”.
Mamatua told the Herald on Monday “that she was told not to sell but that she should take this to the media as this is a rare find “and on her way back, the wheel for her wheelbarrow had flattened, that’s how heavy it is.” she says standing next to her prize with a smile.

Former Queen’s Representative Sir Apenera Short passes away
Sir Apenera Short passed away today aged 95. Papa was the QR from 1990-2000 succeeding the late Sir Tangaroa Tangaroa. He gained distinction in political life as a member of the CIP when he entered the Legislative Assembly in 1965. Papa served the ruling government as Deputy Premier until 1978. He taught at Tereora College and received his Knighthood in 1995.

Lynch returns from Minerals meeting
Local lawyer and senior legal advisor Paul Lynch has recently returned from attending a Deep Sea Minerals Meeting in Fiji to better understand deep sea-mining and is now confident that a sustainable deep-sea mining industry can be developed in the mid to long-term. With decades of research of our waters by overseas scientific expeditions, has shown that the Cook Islands have an abundance of manganese nodules with a high cobalt and nickel content and are found at a depth of up to 5000 metres below sea level. While Lynch understands that the actual mining of the countries seabed is some years off, he believes its important to learn from other pacific nations seabed mining ventures and keeping the public aware of the progress made in the seabed mining sector is important since Tourism is the countries biggest money earner. Lynch travelled to Fiji to attend the meeting on behalf of the Minister, DPM Tom Marsters.

Land Resource Expert here

A visiting expert on Land Resources has been working with growers this week, providing training and advice on how best to recognize the best grounds for cultivating. It’s all in the soil! The consultant, Dave Leslie from New Zealand, conducted classwork today on soil profiling - developing the skills for taking advantage of the best local soil conditions - here and the Outer Islands.

End of Financial year reports due
With two weeks left in the financial year, the Ministry of Finance has issued instructions for all departments and Crown agencies to prepare their end of year reporting requirements. And with the closing off of annual commitments, all the ministries will be focused on meeting their respective budgets. The failure of any of these ministries to come under budget will be an automatic referral to the Audit Office for review. The Herald has been told there are a number of areas, which have been struggling to meet their financial commitments, including at least two Outer Islands Administrations, and one Ministerial Support Office.

Netball Management team

With the return of our National Cook Islands Netball team from PNG for the Pacific series, the Herald spoke to Patsy Hockin and Mii Maui on Monday about the management team and how well they thought the whole team performed.
With Mary Foster as coach of the Cook Island National netball team and Mii Maui back on as assistant coach, gave the girls a great boost up and the confidence to perform at the best of their abilities. “The team was much disciplined, very high in energy and also very positive about themselves. “ said Maui. The team also included Lyn Hagai as team manager and Madeline Hernan who was an ex silver fern Physiotherapist.
“The whole team together was really positive and they really lifted the girls and gave them a great boost going into the competition.” said Hockin. Tiare Ponini

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