HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 574:27 July 2011

A Big Deal for Joan

On Monday evening, a large crowd turned out to the opening night of well known local artist Joan Gragg’s exhibition at the BCA Gallery in Taputapuatea.
For some 32 years Joan has freely painted her take on life in Cook Islands society and its unique characteristics, quirks, warts and all. Joan’s recent work reveals she has thrown off constraints and her eye and hand are moving and interpreting life more freely. This exhibition confirms this. It’s about “Cards”. It is called “Patia te Pere /The Big Deal.” There is the obvious reference to the local popular game “Uka” with its players immersed in laughter, drinks and cigarettes. Joan’s choice of artistic delivery {cards} offers proficient comments on the nature of life and the economic nature of culture itself.
Joan was overwhelmed and happy to reach her goal with the help of the BCA’s Ben Bergman. Her first edition series of playing cards, the characters, the themes and patterns transform the contemporary playing deck into Cook Islands environmental and cultural icons.
The Cook Islands Tourism industry is increasingly realizing the worth and drawing power of the culture. Joan’s cards will fit nicely and easily into any tourist’s pocket and wherever they end up in any part of the world, they will bring back memories and draw the traveler back to the Cook Islands.
Representatives from the sponsors attended and were welcomed and thanked by Ben Bergman for the help they provided for the exhibition. There were 7 sponsors who helped out to make this opening night a success. Families, friends and outer islanders were there to show their support for Joan and they appreciated the things she has done.
• CITC Liquor
• Montana Wines
• Westpac Bank
• Air New Zealand
• Pacific Resort
• Cook Islands Tourism
• Cook Islands Printing Services
Joan’s use of different techniques will ensure this exhibition is a success. She has used soluble crayons to create color. Joan acknowledged to all those who supported her and who were present. The exhibition runs until 30 July so do not miss it.
Her advice to the next generation? Live your dream and dream your future, you never know, blessings will come upon you. Ka kite.
Kia orana e kia manuia

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