HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 576: 10 August 2011

News in Brief

International Youth Day
On Friday the 12th a major annual event “The International Youth Day” will be celebrated by millions of youth around the world. On Monday the Herald talked to Naria Mariri who spoke on behalf of the Cook National Youth Council.
The Cook Islands Youth Council is a non-government organisation that empowers young people to become active citizens and leaders. “We see ourselves as a platform for the interests, needs and development of the young people in the Cook Islands,” said Naria. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Change the World’ and the CINYC will be holding a txt nominate with 88fm.
“We would Like to encourage young people to txt nominate recognised good youths ages 15 – 34 years. There are prizes to win and a youth certificate will be handed out to all the winners.”
The public is asked to tune in to 88fm for directions and txt a name of their nominated youth and explain why the person has been.
There are T-shirts available for a $5 donation with the saying, “Change the world and it begins with you” labelled printed on the shirts to mark this year’s International Youth Day.
The Cook Islands Youth Council will celebrate International Youth Day by holding a luncheon at the Creative Centre in Tupapa with the Creative Centre students, Youth groups, Youth partners, volunteers and members of the public who wish to take part in the event. -Tiare Ponini

International Youth DayHonour the flag
On Tuesday morning at 8am, Police halted traffic along the main road in front of the Police HQ while officers raised then saluted the flag. The same routine occurred at 4pm when the flag was lowered. The scene was repeated on Wednesday morning. It is not known what legal provision requires main road traffic to be stopped so Police can raise and salute the flag when that process does not directly affect or endanger traffic. The Herald contemplated contacting the Solicitor General for guidance then realized he has still not responded to an earlier request to clarify the legality of fees charged by the Environment Service in light of the absence of fee setting regulations under the Environment Act 2003. The Herald puts the whole episode down to one of those unusual events tourists are likely to encounter during their visit. Perhaps they will take photos. It may even become a tourist attraction similar to the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and the Vatican.

International Youth DayHonour the flagPolice weekend report
On During last weekend beginning the 5th ending the 7th Police report three motor vehicle crashes, two unlawful taking of motorbikes, and the arrest of five people who will be due to attend court on Thursday 11th.
Two accidents occurred on Friday night, one in front of the Fried Chicken in Avarua between a bike and a car, as a result of a bike crashing into the car while the car was turning into the Fried Chicken. The driver of the motorcycle received minor injuries and was admitted to hospital no alcohol was involved
The other accident occurring on Friday night was witnessed in Ranguira where a motor bike collided into the side of a car when the car was turning into a driveway. The driver of the bike was seriously injured and there were extensive damage to his bike while the car had some minor damages. It’s uncertain at this stage if there was any alcohol involved.
Also during the weekend a female visitor driving a motorcycle fell off the bike while driving on the back road in Tupapa and received minor injuries as well no alcohol was involved.
On Saturday night near the Rehab night club there two unlawful takings of motorbikes which have not been found yet.
Motorbike owners are asked to ensure your vehicles are locked and parked at a well lit area to avoid being stolen.
The five persons arrested during the weekend were a man from Ngatangiia for cultivating of cannabis, a Titikaveka man was arrested for driving a motorbike while being a disqualified driver,
two Ngatangiia men for contempt of court order for breaching their curfew conditions and a Matavera man for assaulting his partner. -Tiare Ponini

At the Akoa Night Market
On During he recent night market at the Punanga Nui market was a raging success so the concept is coming to Akaoa.
Next Wednesday evening 17th August, the Arorangi Society will hold their first Akaoa Night Market across from the Akaoa meeting house. The evening’s festivities will commence at 5pm and go through to 10pm. The Wednesday night market will be held once every two weeks to support the Arorangi community.
The aim is to have an alternative night to encourage the village businesses, mapu’s, mama’s and papa’s to sell their products and produce.
The event is open to the public and they can enjoy good food and generally have a good time.
There will be kid’s games, quick raffles, arts and crafts on show, movies, an overhead projector show and a variety of food stalls.
“It is a night where families can enjoy the company of other families and children can enjoy games, movies, food and so much more,” said Metua Vaiimene, a keen supporter of the event.
How do you register a stall?
1. Contact Eirangi on 71-123 or Keren on 51-250
2. It costs $15 for a space.
3. You provide your own marquee, light, extension cords etc.
4. We provide you with power.
5. Stall fee must be paid by the end of the night.

Cook Islands High Commissioner to NZ appointed
Monday 8th August 2011 the Hon. Tom Marsters, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Tiki Matapo, as the next Cook Islands High Commissioner to New Zealand.
“Mr Matapo is a very well-known Cook Islander, long active in the community through his involvement in politics, sports, the church, his career in the Cook Islands Police force and as a Justice of the Peace.” stated the DPM. “The post of Cook Islands High Commissioner to New Zealand is very important in terms of strengthening the ties between our two countries and for representing this country on important occasions. Mr Matapo will be a fine representative of the Cook Islands in its dealings with the New Zealand Government and various other interests in New Zealand,” Mr Marsters added.
Mr Matapo was formally appointed on Friday 5th August 2011. He will take up the position this month, replacing Te Tika Mataiapo Dorice Reid who unfortunately passed away before she was able to take up the position of High Commissioner in succession to Mr Michael Mitchell.
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs Media Release

Laying the foundation
On Monday the 8th, the Cook Islands Red Cross held their Laying the Foundation ceremony at the construction site of their new and permanent Headquarters on the back road at Tupapa. The event was attended by the staff of the Cook Islands Red Cross, Government members, NZ High Commissioner John Carter and the land owner Teina Rere. “Today as we place the rocks in the foundation is the symbol of the beginning.” Said President of the Cook Islands Red Cross association Nga Jessie. - Tiare Ponini

Letter to the Editor

Are WE Allowing OUR Young People to Die
On Moecent news over the 15% tax on savings has been given so much attention by the media and brings so many people to their feet to voice their opposition. Yet, the recent tragic death and loss of a very young mans’ life goes unnoticed by most, or at least no one wants to publicly discuss the continued unnecessary loss of life from accidents on our roads. Are WE allowing our young people to die? Are WE responsible or accountable? Should WE, Could WE try to STOP this? YES, YES, YES, YES and YES- WE MUST TRY and STOP This.
If the Police would please publish the number of deaths on our roads over the past 10 years WE might understand how big a problem this is. Some of these accidents are alcohol related, many are due to excessive speed. Yet, very little is being done. What Could we do, what should we do? For a start if there were Police or Community manned checkpoints throughout the entire island, with a marked car and lites flashing EVERY Thursday, Friday and Saturday nite from 10 PM to 6 AM- one would surely HAVE to SLOW down. Perhaps form a new Task Force with a majority of members being youth to address their ideas and needs. Have an OPEN forum for communities to voice their opinions on how to deal with this issue.
ANYTHING is better than doing NOTHING! This is ALL of OUR Responsibility. Parents, students, politicians, EVERYONE. Our children’s lives are more important than tax bills, traveling overseas, and EVERY other issue that gets our attention. Let’s show our young people we LOVE them through positive ACTION before we lose another child needlessly. May God give strength and comfort to the families who have lost children through the years, the Aitutaki Community and the people of the Cook Islands.
-Frank Sabatano

Cowboys Corner
Welcome to “Cowboys Corner”, 15 a-side rugby has another two weeks off for pre season 7’s before kicking off again on the 27th August of which the Reds will host the Cowboys, the Eels will host the Bulls and the Panthers host the Dragons. Last week saw the start and finish of the constitution 7’s of which the Cowboys withdrew due to our commitments to the constitution celebration and the fact that Thursday was still a “work day” for many of our players. The Cowboys players that were available merged with our neighbours in the south, the Bulls (who were also down on the numbers) to form the “Rodeo” team and went on to win the plate finals...well done to the boys from both Clubs...that’s a step in the right direction...strengthening partnerships and countryside rugby.
In this article, we have released the draw for the second week of pre season 7’s; this week’s competition will be hosted by the Eels and will kick off this Friday at 4:00pm with the U13’s and the U16’s. The games will then continue on Saturday starting at 12:00 noon with the U19’s and the senior grades and a game for the women’s.
The Cowboys Club will be holding a major fundraiser on the 27th August starting at 7:00pm... this will be a “Quiz night” and already teams have started registering with our “money man” Ali Napa.
This week, we acknowledge Chris and Nana McKinley and TURTLES SPORTSWEAR for their ongoing support of the Arorangi Cowboys Rugby Club.
Next week, we will bring more rugby news from the Cowboys Rugby Club 2011 campaign and acknowledge another supporting sponsor of Cowboys Rugby. Good luck to all our teams this weekend.

Back To School
Oh no. Everybody was texting each other the night before school, freaking out about how our homework wasn’t finished, moaning that the time to complete our homework wasn’t enough (Two weeks for a single essay. It’s undignified!), how we didn’t get enough sleep during the holiday. The list of complaints goes on and on and it’s never ending. Nobody wanted to come back to school and I reckon some teachers weren’t ready to give up their holiday to return to a class full of rowdy kids. Blah! So I ironed my uniform and got everything ready to face the next school day.
I woke up at 6:30 the next morning and already I wanted to go back to sleep. Shucks, I was dead on my feet! I knew I shouldn’t have stayed up so late. Well, I did my best to get off my bed and I ended up at the bus stop. Don’t know how I managed it, but I got there. A friend of mine was sitting at the bus stop so we started chatting about our holiday. I reckon she had more fun than me, because she went overseas. Gosh, some lucky people have the money.
The bus stopped right where it’s supposed to stop, in front of the breadfruit tree. All eyes were on us as we stepped off the bus. What an entrance. I saw some of my friends hanging around our form class and I rushed out to meet them, like an athlete running for the finish line. Only my mates were running away from me and not towards me like they should be doing. I rugby tackled them anyway and I got a mild response in return. Hmm. Some of us were still feeling the “holiday blues”. Gosh guys, get over yourselves! New term, new attitude!
First class of the day. Wow. I’m wasn’t used to being inside a classroom and it started feeling scary. And I wasn’t used to sitting so still. Usually I’m up and out there but now… The first period dragged on and for a moment there I thought it was never going to end. Probably because I was looking at the clock every five minutes. Well, at least I learnt something that day. The lesson was “Never lose concentration while the teacher is talking to you or else…” Yup, that was a real valuable lesson.
Then all of a sudden, the day came to an end. Everybody gathered around our form class and for the first time ever, I did something useful. I swept the floor and straightened up the furniture. Aren’t I amazing? Not every kid has the energy to do that, especially during duties (Yeah, you guys know who you are). Our form teacher seemed pleased to see all his “children” back at school. Maybe because he had no one to growl back at his place, so now he can catch up on his growling. All and all, it was a great day and I’m glad I’m back at school. Sort of. - Norma Ngatamariki

Week 17: Nutritional Program
Kia orana again and welcome to another week of updates on our progress to living healthier.
This week we bring you an update on our progress on both the nutritional program and the Mind & Body Challenge.
With our weigh-in days changing from our usual Thursday’s to Saturday’s for us on the Mind & Body Challenge, we managed as a team to do well – even the newcomers, Kura Turepu, Ap’s Dean, Kara Matenga and Tangata Samania, seeing their expressions on their face knowing their hardwork 2-weeks prior to the weigh-in has paid off.
This week we managed to make contact with our other team members in the Mind & Body Challenge to join in on our gym workouts, Tangata (Puru) Samania may we say did an excellent job after not having attended the gym for a while, we admired everything about her, especially her determination to do the best she can. We’re also proud of Ap’s Dean who’s also part of our team too as she too has set herself goals and being the busy person she is she’s managed to continue on with her walks and too is determined, along with Luci and Kara – Kara being the youngest has done well also, keeping up her protein intake and going along to classes like Fight-Do and Zumba.
One thing we’ve learnt so far is that determination and heart is the main drive behind the nutritional program, yeah like others, we do often think about burgers and chips (well I do) but we also know how this affects your body and can be costly too.
Our work colleague Tiare is also doing well, she’s changed her eating habits and continues on with her exercise and is enjoying it, but as we tell people who stop us in the street, its been a hard road ahead of us – and we’ve still got a long way to go.
Also big congratz to Alex who has this week officially reached his goal weight, and has now set his second goal weight which he will now work towards doing!
Next week we’ll bring you an update on how our first group activity goes in the Mind & Body Challenge – hopefully if someone’s nice from work, they’ll come and take a photo of us, till then – ka kite!

Stolen items retrieved
On Tuesday the 9th police arrested a 28 year old man in Matavera and charged him with the possession of stolen items, cultivation of cannabis, possessions of utensils for smoking cannabis, being in possession of a firearm without a licence and receiving June Baudinet’s stolen laptop computer
Also Located at the property were 6 cellphones, 3 laptops, 2 ipods, 2 video cameras, 2 pocket knives, 2 hard drives, 1 playstation 2, 1 XBOX, 1 firearm, 2 bottles of spirits, ammunitions, and a digital camera. Police would like persons to come in and identify whether their property is among the items recovered. - Tiare Ponini

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