HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 576: 10 August 2011

32 on agriculture fact finding trip to Tahiti
32 local growers plus government officials including Minister for Agriculture Hon Nandi Glassie and Secretary for Agriculture Anthony Brown are departing for Tahiti on Thursday morning on a fact finding trip.
The group held a briefing at the BTIB on Wednesday morning.
Minister Glassie said the trip would last seven days and the group was going to observe planting and growing of crops in Tahiti and learn about the Tahitian agricultural practices. They were all excited and he was especially pleased that 2 women are also in the group.
He said the outcome is to expand agricultural production in the Cook Islands.
Minister Glassie said the group would be met by the President of Tahiti Agriculture and also the Tahitian Minister for Agriculture. The group will be staying in the same accommodation.
When asked why Tahiti? The Minister said Tahiti had similar weather conditions and grew similar crops however, they have been experimenting with a variety of new crops.
He said the Tahitians are now growing watermelon all year round whereas in the Cook Islands it is a seasonal crop.
The group will also travel to Moorea to see pineapple production, honey making, piggeries and flower growing.
Each member of the group has paid for their own travel costs, a uniform and a carton of corned beef for their Tahitian hosts.
Minister Glassie said no samples would be brought back from Tahiti due to the very strict bio-security laws in Tahiti.
This is not the first time there has been contact with Tahiti at Ministerial level. Previous Minister Kete Ioane traveled to Tahiti on a fact finding trip in regard to waste management.
Closer economic ties with Tahiti is a matter which government should pursue due to commonalities in culture and economic activity (tourism/fishing).

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