HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 579: 31 August 2011

News Brief

News Brief
After discovering that the seasonal tax on imported veges and fruit is not really working, we talked to a prominent grower today, who also confirmed similar thoughts. Danny Mataroa, an experienced farmer says the timing of the seasonal tax is all wrong. When the levy is imposed on 1 September, the growers are not yet geared up and producing the goods. So the levy actually pushes the price up on items that are not yet coming on line, locally. Ideally, the season for the levy should be shifted back and imposed later in the Summer - once the locally-grown produce is available. Good point. Perhaps someone in the government should be taking notes and perhaps changing the levy idea.

Teaching Lifeskills
The Ministry of Education is conducting a Northern Group Lifeskills programme on the island of Manihiki for the next two weeks. A team departed for Manihiki on Tuesday. The team includes Robyn Cannell the Careers Advisor from Tereora College. Also Tau Estall/Tracy Spiers and June Hosea. A selection of students from Penrhyn, Rakahanga, Pukapuka and Manihiki will be taught a number of skills ranging from Carpentry, electrical, hospitality, automotive, Pearl seeding, embroidery and first aid. The skills will be taught from community members who are specialised in these areas. This is the second LifeSkills programme that the Ministry of Education has run which will help senior students look at skills that they can develop and use on their own island homes. The team returns on 13 September. -Charles Pitt

Domestic Violence Ads Starting This Week
Two well known sports people will feature in a domestic violence advertising campaign starting on Cook Islands Television this week.
Cook Islands-born Francis Smith and New Zealander Cathrine Latu came to Rarotonga in May to film three television ads, which will start screening on CITV.
Francis, who plays hooker for the Tasman Makos in New Zealand’s ITM Cup series, is the son of Air Rarotonga owners Ewan and Fenny Smith.
Cathrine plays goal shoot for the Northern Mystics in the ANZ Championship and is tipped to become a Silver Fern. She’s of Tongan, Samoan, European and Maori descent.
The pair are joined in the ads by Cook Islands Police domestic violence prevention coordinator, Senior Sergeant Rebecca Ellis.
Rebecca says the ads are part of a programme run by the Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme (PPDVP).
“The aim is to create a safer Pacific, free from domestic violence. Similar ads featuring other rugby players have already run in Samoa and Tonga encouraging people to ‘break the silence and end the violence’.
“Domestic violence is a crime and Police take it very seriously. As we say in the ads, if you or someone you know is being hurt, it’s time to take a stand. Call us on 999. We can help keep your family safe.”
The PPDVP is a joint initiative of NZAID, New Zealand Police, and the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police organisation. The project has five participating countries – Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati and Vanuatu. - Police Media Release

Running risks Parliament building unsafe, a security risk?
The country needs a new parliament building and it should be built before the 50th anniversary of self government. What better way to mark such an important milestone in our development as a democratic nation.
Government has previously turned down offers by both the New Zealand government (when the NZ government made the offer and built the parliament building in Niue) and the Chinese government (following the building of the Police Headquarters) to build a new parliament building.
Both requests were apparently turned down because the government at the time felt the present building was still suitable.
Today, this determination is no longer valid.
There are two good reasons why we need a new parliament building.
Firstly, the current building and arrangements concerning Ministers and MPs would indicate to outsiders the low esteem we accord our representatives. This then is reflected in their performance which could and should be vastly improved, and in the low opinion we have of MPs.
Secondly, the current building, which is a former boarding house, is dysfunctional as a parliament. It is cramped and quite possibly a risk in terms of MPs and the staff’s personal safety and the security of equipment and documents.
Returning to the first issue, our country prides itself on its standing in the Pacific as a safe and stable democracy yet ours is probably the only Pacific nation that does not have a proper parliament building. The old building our MPs occupy does not fit the country’s present image let alone the image we want to portray in the region as a progressive democracy.
Every MP is entitled to an office in parliament where the MP can carry out their duties effectively. Every MP is entitled to office support staff to tend to their correspondence and paper work, their visitors and assist with official duties. The PM and Ministers should be housed in parliament building and not be spread all over the place.
New MPs should be in a work environment where they are in proximity to more experienced fellow MPs who can assist and offer advice. This is not possible in the current set up.
In the current parliament, seating available to the public is substandard, very limited, cramped and uncomfortable. The seats are situated far too close to the MPs. The debating chamber is too small and cramped.
It is not possible to have a proper opening of parliament, not possible to welcome important overseas leaders there, not possible to hold any ceremonial parade out the front.
Regarding the second issue concerning MPs and Staff’s safety and security of equipment and documents, perhaps the Audit Office should carry out an assessment of risk given parliament is our main institution of State. -Charles Pitt

Local fish supply receives a boost
There’s a new player in the local fishery, the recently formed company Tuanua Fishing Ltd which is operated by Tutu Ina.
Fish is in big demand locally at present and recent catches by the new company will be welcomed.
The company operate two fishing vessels, the Matira and the Noella K and their land based outlet for sales of fish locally is the FBI premises near Cooks Corner.
According to Tutu Ina, the Matira recently landed around 10 tonnes of fish and the Noella K, due in Avatiu around 11am Wednesday will land about 5 tonnes.
Tutu Ina advised the Herald that fish will be on sale at the FBI shop as from 8am on Thursday.
Fish landed from the Matira included Wahoo, Mai Mai, Skip Jack Tuna and Big Eye Tuna.
The company has already exported some Tuna overseas. -Charles Pitt

Te Karere
Ko te tero te akateateamamao’ia nei tei reira kia akairi’ia ki runga I te au ‘ua rakau e pera te kai matamata e akau’ia mai nei ki te Kuki Airani nei. Te akakite nei ra oki tetai au aronga tanutanu o konei e kare teia tero e angaanga meitaki. Te karanga nei oki ratou e ka kake te moni o teia au ua rakau nei e pera te kai raurau e akau’ia mai nei e ka apanga ngata teia ki runga i te tangata e pera katoa te au Otera i Rarotonga nei i te mea e ka aka-kake katoa’ia te moni o te kai e okona’ia nei ki roto i te au Otera.
Te akakite katoa nei oki tetai ‘ona toa e akau mai nei i teia au tu kai raurau e kare atu a ratou ravenga i te akau mai i te au kai ki konei mei vao mai i te basileia i te mea e te ngata nei tatou te aronga tanu i tanu i teia au kai no tetai tuatau roa. Te apai mai nei a James Beer e tona toa Te Manea Foods mei te rima ngauru tauatini tara i te mataiti e akapou’ia nei ki runga i te au kai e apaina’ia mai nei ki roto nei i te basileia.
Te akateateamamao nei te Maraurau o te Pae Apii i tetai tere no ratou atoro i te iti tangata i te pae enua Tokerau no te tauturu i te apii atu i te au tamariki apii o reira. Mei te ono i teia au tamariki nei ka teretere atu ratou ki te pae enua Tokerau no te atoro atu i te au enua i Pukapuka, Rakahanga e Tongareva. Ko te au apii oki ka oronga iatu ki te au tamariki i runga i teia au enua nei ko te apii kamuta, te to’i rakau, te maani apinga akaoro, te ora’anga tau e pera katoa te rangaranga na te au vainetini.
Te akamatakite mai nei te aronga tamate ‘ai o Rarotonga nei ia tatou te iti tangata kia akara matatio tatou i ta tatou ‘ai e tutungi nei na te pae i to tatou au kainga i teia au tuatau maro e te rava kore o te vai. Te akakite nei oki a Willie Hagai o te ngai tamate’anga ‘ai i Nikao e mei te tai ngauru ma tai au manamanata no te ‘ai tei tutungi’ia ta ratou i tamate atu i teia epetoma anake e e numero ma’ata roa teia i nana ei i roto i te tai ngauru ra. Te pakari katoa nei oki te matangi i teia tuatau e te turu katoa nei te akava i te akamatakakite katoa’ia tatou auraka e tutungi ‘ai tita i teia au tuatau. -Uri'ia e Tiare a Rani

Cowboys Corner
Welcome to “Cowboys Corner”, last Saturday was a great day to play rugby in the valley. A little rain did not prevent anyone from simply enjoying the day in that “million dollar” valley setting. The Reds and Cowboys last year formed a mutual alliance to co-host visiting teams and since that partnership our players have always looked forward to a day out with the Reds. In this article we will firstly review the Premiers game and work down the grades and finish off with some Club news.
In the Premier grade match, as expected the competition was in the forwards. The Reds put up very strong competition in the scrum area and really tested the strength of the Cowboys without Captain...Big David Heather (who is still in recovery). The first try in the game was awarded after Spoon Marsters and Rouru Une sucked in the Reds defence to put Sami Pareeti across the line. Pomare “Mae” Pokipoki converted the try...Cowboys 7- 0. The second try was an individual effort from 20 meters out when Junior “Chiko” Tapurau literally stampeded over the Reds right-side winger and crossed the line. Pomare “Mae” Pokipoki with his second conversion took the score to...Cowboys 14- 0. A successful Pokipoki conversion after a penalty was awarded to the Cowboys less than 5 minutes later took the score to...Cowboys 17-0. Less than10 minutes later, a Cowboys “rolling-maul” put Timi “Shadow” Tunui over the line with Pokipoki adding the extra points which put the score at...Cowboys 24-0. Three missed opportunities (tries) on the part of the Cowboys kept the score at 24-0 at the break.
At the start of the second half, Spoon Marsters made up for his missed opportunity in the first half and scored in the left-side corner...the Pokipoki conversion unsuccessful...score now Cowboys 29-0. Approximately 15 minutes later and after almost 20 phases of “pick and go”...Simona “Si” Aumetua crosses over in the right-side corner...the Pokipoki conversion unsuccessful...score now Cowboys 34-0. Another two missed opportunities (tries) passed for the Cowboys before Reds back-liner Ailoa Samania with 15 minutes to go until full-time put in a big kick which was gathered well by his winger to zip into the corner for the Reds first try. An unsuccessful conversion kept the score at Cowboys 34-5. At the kick-off, a quick turn-over put the Reds into defence mode right in front of their goal and after a few “pick and goes”...Danny Heather crossed over for the Cowboys sixth try, a successful conversion by Pokipoki put the score at Cowboys 41-5. Another Cowboys missed opportunity (try) passed by before some hard and determined running on the part of the Reds backline put their winger in the left corner for their second try in the 80th minute. A successful conversion by the Reds put the full-time score at Cowboys 41-12.
The Senior B or Reserve grade game was called off by the match referee after the Reds failed to front up. Before the referee walked onto the field, there was a sign of hope when the Reds indicated they did have players warming up however this was found to be false in the end. The Cowboys administration is frustrated with these costly “no shows” that are more common this year than in previous years. Let’s look at the record here starting in game one... Reserve grade Avatiu...”no show”, game four...Tupapa Reserve grade...”No show” and now game eight...Takuvaine Reserve grade...”No show”...all these no shows were without any prior notice and worse were away-games for the Cowboys. That’s three pointless trips for the Reserve grade players, three laundry fees, three ice and water costs and three sets of strapping tape and ointments used for no reason at all...this is all very costly for the Cowboys. Perhaps one day when the Administrative body decides to fine Clubs for teams that do not show without prior notice maybe the courtesy call will start. We have said it before and we’ll say it again...the choice to make a courtesy call is truly unheard of sometimes.
In the U19’s match, the last the two sides met...the Cowboys scored a converted try in the last 30 seconds of the game to claim victory 10-8. Again we were expecting a very tough encounter as although the Reds are at the bottom of the table in this age grade they are a very tough side. A controversial moment arose when the match referee disallowed a Cowboys try of which the assistant referee disagreed...from that moment on the game turned sour. The game was called off early in the second half after the match referee had had enough of the “slagging” from both players and supporters for his calls... threw down his whistle and walked off. At the time he walked off the score was 3-0 to the Cowboys. At the end of the day...the referee is human too and he can only make a decision based on what he see’s and what his assistants report. If the assistant referees do not work with him or the referee does not work with his assistant referees...calls will be off. At the Monday midday meeting, it was found that the Cowboys had unknowingly fielded a player who had played for another Club the day before...so with this, the Cowboys were disqualified and the Reds awarded the win. The “on the table” loss does not change the standing of the Cowboys U19’s in the points table as they are still sitting in second position after the disqualification.
In the Under 16’s age grade...this was a one-sided affair with the final score...Cowboys 57-0 and although there were promising moments for the Reds to cross the line, minor ball handling errors always got in the way. As for the Under 13’s, there were a shortage of players on the part of our hosts to start with but a few adjustments after some simple negotiations got the afternoon started. Again the Cowboys took this match 50-0 and that wraps up a very interesting day of rugby at the valley.
The Cowboys have just received good news of our bid to enter (register) in the International sevens which will be held on the 3rd, 4th and 5th November this year. This is our second year in the tournament...after an opening came from a late withdrawal last year (two days before the tournaments start) this gave us the opportunity to name, train and enter a very young team into the competition as our senior players had already committed to other teams. Our International Sevens squad are already in training and will soon be fundraising to assist with their costs at the tournament. Arorangi also has a women’s team named the T&M Crushers. So when the time comes...please show your support for the Arorangi teams at their fundraising and also at the International sevens tournament 2011.
This week, our U16’s will play their final match for the Powerade challenge and this will be against the Avatiu Eels. The game will be played this Wednesday at Raemaru Park and will start at 4:30pm...sharp.
Next week, we will bring more rugby news from the Cowboys Rugby Club 2011 campaign and acknowledge a supporting sponsor of Cowboys Rugby. Good luck to all our teams this weekend.

SPG Golfer has celebrity caddie
Noumea put on a great day for the first day of Golf, having the men teeing off first thing in the morning, with Royale Brogan of the Cook Islands being the first man off at 7.30am. On Royales side throughout the day was the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands caddie for Royale who came back with a 82, the best score of the day went to Adrien Peres of New Caledonia with a 70, the best Cook Island score was that of Kirk Ruaiti who hit a 75. The Men’s total score after day one was 238 placing them 5th overall in the Team Event.
In the ladies category, saw Elmay Viking coming home with a 79 placing her 5th equal on the individual table, with Charlotte Navarro of New Caledonia on 73..., The Women’s total score after day one was 250 placing them first overall in the Team Event.
The Ladies tee off at 7.30am tomorrow, Day Two of the Golf Tournament. - Robert Graham CISNOC

Beyonce, Pop Diva
Everybody knows her. Don’t pretend you don’t. She is well known worldwide for her infamous performances and acts of kindness towards the needy. But what she is really famous for is her music. Nobody can get down like Beyonce can. Heck, even my mum is a huge fan of hers (which is, like, totally embarrassing. Old bags aren’t meant to like the modern celebrities, no offence) I admire Beyonce like hard out and that is why I am dedicating this article to my “Other Sister” Lolz.
Now, let me begin with her life story as a kid. Beyonce was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Imagine trying to start a music career over there! I bet it wasn’t easy for her, but look where she ended up. Living the high life in Hollywood. One day, I hope to be just like her. (It’s always possible, guys) Beyonce’s talent was discovered when she sang a song, getting all the high pitched notes without a problem. Gosh, that’s like mission impossible for me. Some people are born with all the luck. She then attended a dance school where she could perform on stage and with the choir.
Her career officially started when Beyonce, in partnership with La Tavia Roberson and Kelly Rowland, began their journey as Destiny’s Child. Shucks, that was a hit. Their careers shot off like a rocket, getting instant fame from around the globe. Their leading song “Say My Name” shot to the top of the music charts in record time. This astounded music producers and singers alike, as they had never encountered a group with such promise and talent. This ensured Destiny’s Child a safe road to the high life. Who Run The World?! GIRLS!!
Sadly, Destiny’s Child broke up but the friendship remained solid. Beyonce decided to take on the solo path. She brought wonders to the music industry, inspiring other women to take a stand in what they believe in. Beyonce tried her hand in acting. The Fighting Temptations was one of her successful movies, which earned her the reputation of being a “fly-high diva”. You go hard, girlfriend! But it was her solo career as a singer that really struck people’s heart. Songs from her albums “I Am Sasha Fierce” and “Number 4” was a real stunner in the music world. Girls just went crazy over it! (I would know. I’m one of them)
In conclusion, Beyonce should be crowned Queen of Pop. She definitely deserves the title. Not only did she work her way through the music industry, she inspired people along the way. Even Michelle Obama praised her for the effort that she has put into making her career a successful one. Oh girl, don’t stop reaching for the stars! I really admire Beyonce, not only for the obvious reasons (She’s gorgeous, multi talented etc.) but also because she stands up for all the women in the world. And we need a woman like that. Go hard, Beyonce!

Week 19: Nutritional Program
Kia Orana and welcome to our weekly update on our progress to a ‘healthier new us’.
Well last Wednesday was our 2nd group activity in the 12week Mind & Body Challenge, I must say we did ‘OK’ but by the second round our bodies began to give up on the 1-minute circuits. Alex and Mack had turned up after the first round of the circuit so their bodies were able to handle it, by the 3rd round, me, being the team captain just generally wanted to quit as I could feel my body aching and legs wanting to give way.
For us already on the program, it has been a long 19-weeks, Alex has now set another new goal weight after having already met his goal weight about 2 weeks ago, for Harriet, she hasn’t got long to go to reach hers and me well, I’m now just shy of over 6kg’s from meeting mine (hooray!) As for Mack, things may change for him as he’s now with 2 of our other staff members at the South Pacific Games in New Caledonia helping with coverage of the games for the next 2 weeks, so it could possibly change with all the temptation and free access to food while he’s there.
Team Determinators however (our team in the M&B Challenge) seem to be living up to its name ‘Determinators’ and each member has been working pretty hard and taking advice from the Fitness Revolution team and learning more about ‘burning body fat’ and fitness and healthier living.
Well with our 3rd group challenge coming up, hopefully we’ll be able to provide photos of our team and others in the Mind and Body Challenge.

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- Briefs from PM’s media conference Tuesday
- Tourism Industry ponders $5 million draft strategy
- Norman George resigns from Cook Islands Party
- Letter of Resignation from CIP
- Norman selfish says Prime Minister

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