HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 579: 31 August 2011

Police Chiefs meet
The 40th Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP) Annual Conference was held in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) from 23 - 25 August 2011. The conference brought together Police Chiefs from around the Pacific to discuss strategies that will ensure technologies, training standards, policing and support projects are focused and prioritised to provide safer and more secure environments for the communities in the Pacific.
Cook Islands Commissioner of Police Maara Tetava attended the conference.
The conference opened with traditional welcoming ceremonies before the conference started on Tuesday 23 August with the theme focused on “Urban Drift – Policing moving populations”.
A workshop explored the implications for policing and identified tools to use to address the issues, both prevention and enforcement. Chiefs noted the problems associated with criminal deportees and resolved to continue to work together on these matters.
Outgoing Chair, AFP Commissioner Tony Negus was represented by Deputy Commissioner Andrew Colvin who handed the Chair to the FSM Chief of National Police Takasy Reim. This was a historical event for the FSM in that it is the first time FSM has held the position of Chair and hosted the PICP conference.
One of the first agenda items was an acknowledgement of the work and dedicated policing career of the late Pius Chotailug, who was instrumental in lobbying for the PICP conference to be hosted by the FSM. A plaque in his memory was accepted by his son.
The Cyber Safety Pasifika project was unanimously accepted by the Chiefs. The project is a community education and awareness program aimed at protecting children, youth and vulnerable people from computer crimes such as child abuse and fraud.
A proposal was put forward aimed at bridging Pacific wide, the communities and police to address safety, crime and disaster related issues. This proposal will be supported by Neighbourhood Watch Australia and Neighbourhood Support New Zealand in conjunction with their governing body, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.
The AFP Advisor to the Pacific Transnational Crime Coordination Centre (PTCCC) provided a briefing to the conference on strategic issues on Transnational Crime in the Region. Delegates agreed that there is a need for criminal statistical data to be monitored by the PTCCC so police agencies in the region can be better prepared to incorporate measures to address the changes in crime trends.
Two new member countries joined the Pacific Transnational Crime Network. New Zealand and Niue were admitted to and are now part of the network.
A Pacific Police Training Advisory Group (PPTAG) will assist Law Enforcement agencies around the region to determine training needs and provide support in the design and delivery of educational courses. The initiative is a joint AFP – PlCP project that will address education and training needs to member countries.
The PICP Chairman’s award this year went to Detective Dolyn Tell from Palau. Detective Tell received the award for her dedication, professionalism and commitment to the Micronesian Transnational Crime Unit (TCU). It was noted that Detective Tell was the first woman to work in the TCU and the second Micronesian woman police officer to receive this prestigious award. Detective Tell is a dedicated member of the PICP Women’s Advisory Network (PICP-WAN). Her outstanding performance resulted in her secondment being extended for an extra term. The Palau Director of the Bureau of Public Safety, Mr Norvert Yano accepted the award on behalf of Detective Tell.
Cindy Ludrick, the current chair of the PICP Women’s Advisory Network outlined issues impacting on women in police organisations in the Region. The presentation described an Exchange Program that has provided women the opportunity to expand their skills by working in other police agencies in the region.
The Australian Federal Police gave an update on their current activities in the Region under their Pacific Police Development Program (PPDP). They outlined the progress being made in police training, capacity development and support programs.
The conference considered the 2006 suspension of Fiji Police from the PICP and resolved that the situation would remain unchanged.

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