HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 582: 21 September 2011

News Briefs

Heroes welcome for Helema
It was indeed a proud day for the people of Manihiki to witness the return of their Golden Girl Helema Williams on Tuesday. A traditional welcome followed by speeches and prayers were part of the welcoming programme today in Tukao. A welcoming reception was organised by the Island Council at the Tukao Cyclone Martin Centre following the welcome which saw her families and friends eager to meet their proud Sailor. On Tuesday night, another function has been organised by the village of Tauhunu where Helema lives.

Prime Minister continues China visit
The Prime Minister, Hon Henry Puna, continued his official visit to China today with several important engagements in Beijing.
At the invitation of his Chinese hosts, the Prime Minister was given a guided inspection tour of a range of automobiles made in China that might be appropriate for use during the 2012 Forum to be held in the Cook Islands.
One model was used by the Chinese President, Hu Jintao, for his official engagements, while others had been used in international meetings overseas, including a recent APEC meeting in Peru and the 2009 Forum in Vanuatu. “There is no doubt but that China produces high quality vehicles,” observed the Prime Minister, “and, subject to confirmation of technical requirements, I am certain that Chinese motor vehicles could be selected appropriate for our local environment and circumstances.”
In the afternoon, the Prime Minister met with Mr Zheng Wantong, Vice-Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in the Great Hall of the People in the centre of Beijing. The Great Hall is the main building used for legislative and ceremonial purposes by the Chinese Government.
The CPPCC is an important institution for political consultation and the provision of high-level policy advice to the Chinese Government. During his discussions, Mr Zheng expressed his appreciation for the Cook Islands’ long support for the One China Policy, reviewed previous cooperation between the two countries and indicated that China would continue to support the Cook Islands wherever possible, including in relation to the hosting of the 2012 Forum.
The Prime Minister reiterated Government’s support for the One China Policy, expressed appreciation for Chinese assistance to date and highlighted some areas for potential cooperation in such areas as renewable energy, fisheries, human resources development, hosting of the 2012 Forum, seabed mining and the possible future establishment of a Cook Islands diplomatic mission on Beijing. Such opportunities were welcomed by Mr Zhang and would be further developed in the coming months.
In the evening, the Prime Minister and his delegation were special guests at a banquet hosted by China’s Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs responsible for China’s relations with North America and Oceania, Mr Cui Tiankai, at China’s State Guesthouse in Beijing.
On behalf of the Chinese Government, Mr Cui welcomed the Prime Minister to China and expressed China’s strong support for the deepening and strengthening of relations between China and the Cook Islands. There was a wide-ranging discussion of bilateral and international issues and Mr Cui reaffirmed China’s commitment to cooperation with the Cook Islands, including in relation to the 2012 Forum. Mr Puna reiterated Government’s appreciation for Chinese assistance over the years and China’s offer to assist with next year’s Forum.
“The discussions I had today with senior representatives of the Chinese Government and China’s political institutions were important for strengthening relations between the Cook Islands and Chinese Governments and we will need to build on those relations in the weeks and months ahead” explained the Prime Minister.
Tuesday , 19 September 2011
- Foreign Affairs Media Release
Editor’s notes
(1) Zheng or Zhang?
(2) Vanuatu meeting was in 2010 not 2009.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has invited applications from Non Government Organisations (NGOs) for projects that help target priority social development areas of the Government. Priority areas include projects that target vulnerable members of society such as people with disabilities, women, elderly and youth.
The contestable fund of $75,000 in 2011-12 will provide successful NGO applicants funding of up to a maximum of $5000. Applications close Friday 23 September 2011 and will be considered by a committee comprising representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Health and Education and representatives from two NGOs. From past years’ experience, applications have been competitive and while meeting all selection criteria, the limited nature of the fund means that not all projects can be funded.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs will also be providing direct funding assistance of $200,000 in 2011-12 to a number of NGOs including five outer island disability learning centres, Cook Islands National Disability Council, Are Pa Metua, Cook Islands National Youth Council and the Religious Advisory Council.
The NGO POBOC Guidelines and Application Form can be uplifted from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
- Internal Affairs Media Release

My China diary
Ni Hao,
After finally arriving into Beijing my head was like ‘great’. It is now 7:15am Tuesday morning here in Beijing. The plane ride from NZ to Hong Kong took 11 hours-with a few bumps along the way due to bad weather. Arriving at Hong Kong I was amazed at the amount of people coming into China-it was mostly only Chinese and a sizable population of Indians. You could easily spot me out!
In Hong Kong, the wait for my next transit flight felt like ages. Nevertheless, good ol’ Chinese ‘free’ Wifi service was enough to keep me occupied for the day.
At 11:30am (HK Time) I departed for my next destination-Beijing. It was an interesting trip to my boarding place. I had to pass through several escalators, elevators and more Chinese people. He,he,he. You even have to take a tram ride to get to the plane. I was just so glad I was on the right track-having got lost in the AUCKLAND airport. (Pathetic)
Anyways it was yet another plane ride to Beijing. But I tell you it was worth it. I walked into the airport to only be welcomed by spectacular architecture (as you’ll see in photo).
From roof to floor the place was gorgeous and most of all clean. Every second you’ll have the cleaners checking the plants in the airport for dead leaves. And they mop their floors several times.
Oh did I mention the bathrooms at the airport-so ‘high-tech’ I would say. The toilets self-flush every minute- so you don’t even have to pull the lever to ‘empty out the trash’. And the sinks, automatic taps and disinfectant dispensers, just put your hands underneath and ‘voila’ nicely washed and clean.
Now back to where I stopped. Driving from the airport to my hotel was another long-ride, but again I didn’t mind. Everyone speeds like ‘hell’ over here, and cross lanes all the time even when there’s oncoming vehicles too. All you here is long horn ‘beeps’ from those that get cut off on the roads. But even when this is all happening, with a high possibility of a motor vehicle accident-there isn’t. Everyone seems to be driving safely and cautious-apparently.
What was mind-blowing for me is how clean the city is. And all the architecture and blooming flowers on the sidewalks was enough to keep you entertained. Within the hour of driving from the airport to my hotel, we were surrounded by mountains of sky-scrapers and zooming traffic. We went past a RICOH factory, Bentley Car manufacturers, China’s biggest bank corp. CITIC Bank and several other familiar brands we have in Cook Islands. Though the people here try to be friendly, they still suffer from language barriers and often become speechless when you asked them something. On our way to the airport all I was hearing was ‘chuang thai yo’ and etc. No English communication at all.
Sci-tech hotel is where I am staying-apparently it is a 5 star hotel. It is very magnificent when you walk in. Marble floors and walls-very rich welcoming. I have my own room which includes one queen size bed, an office area, television system, free wi-fi service, bathroom facility with a bath tub, and off course a beautiful view of Beijing City. It is wonderland. The hotel is right next to a mall-but only if you are rich you can shop there. The food here so far has been good and familiar. No strange looking legs popping out or anything that could have been from the ground.
Last night I had fried rice, fish, chicken stir-fried, prawns and lamb slices. It was delightful.
Anyways, up until today, on my itinerary we are scheduled to visit the Forbidden City at 9:30, then from there we will be meeting the Vice Director General Wuxi of the Department of North American and Oceania Affairs.
Looking forward to the day’s journey. hope all is well there and will keep you updated.
Sorry I am experiencing some difficulties with uploading my photos but will try get them posted. -Harriet Tuara

Move Rarotonga
On Friday the 23rd of September there will be a Day of Action against Climate Change Bike Ride Event around the world and the Cook Islands will also be participating.
The Cook Islands have participated in a duo of Climate Change events over the last two years with the 350.org movement including the needle trek in 2009 and the 10/10/10 church event in Arorangi in 2010. This year, everyone is invited to partake in the bike ride event around beautiful Rarotonga to create a single day to move away from fossil fuels.
The Government departments, NGO’s, youth groups and private sector’s that are involved with the 350.org movement here in the Cook Islands will be lead by Associate Minister for Environment, Atatoa Herman and are encouraging everyone to take part in the non-gas emission event.
The purpose of the rally is to raise awareness of the solutions to climate change, such as moving beyond fossil fuels, and demanding action, promote bike ridding as a non-emission activity/ transportation, and to also promote bike riding, walking and jogging as a means of getting to and from places and an opportunity to be active for healthy living and a healthy environment.
The official bike ride for the event will start at 11am in the morning will start from Avarua, Are Tapaenga and will end at Te Atukura, which will be holding refreshments ready for those who take place.
Everyone is asked to dress up and rally with messages/banners on climate action solutions. There will be prizes for best dressed groups, best dressed person, best dressed bike and best message displayed. Bring your bicycle, borrow one, or hire one. Budget will have discounted rates for the event.
The Invitation is open to the government departments, community groups, youth groups, schools, tourists and anyone who would like to participate in the bike ride event.
The event is to encourage all to walk, bike, and carpool or take public transport to work for one day.
Here is the Proposed Programme.
10am – assemble/registration @ Are Tapaeanga( road closed)
10.30 am – Speaking Vaitoti Tupa
Opening speech – Associate Minister Ata Herman
Rules for riders
11am – Move Rarotonga – led by Ata Herman. -Tiare Ponini

Rotary Looking for Good Sorts
fDo you know anyone who serves the community in a special way?
The Rotary Club of Rarotonga is seeking nominations for a person whom you think is doing something special in the in the service of others.
This is in keeping with the Rotary Motto of “Service Above Self” and also one of the aims of the World- wide organization to recognize the dignity of all avenues of employment. There is no doubt there are people in the community who do good deeds every day and The Rotaruy Club believes they deserve recognition.
It is hoped that an award may be made on a regular basis and sponsors are being sought to give the recipient something tangible to remember the occasion.
Anyone wishing to make a nomination should contact the Secretary of Rotary, John Hobbs at the Financial Services Commission e-mail johnhobbs @fsc.gov.ck or Mike Pynenburg at mike@thecomputerman.co.ck.

Cowboys Corner
Welcome to “Cowboys Corner”, last Saturday’s elimination round at Raemaru Park was a battle to make the last and final game for 2011...the grand finals. Depending on which team you supported the day was either great or terrible however one thing we will all agree on is it was a great day for rugby.
In the U13’s grade the Avatiu Eels played the Arorangi Cowboys. The Eels were very strong and came with a very determined attitude. Unfortunately the Cowboys were not able to return the same approach. What was very clear from this game was...you will only get out what you put in and that is exactly what happened. Our Baby’s still have a lot to learn as they watched the Eels advance to the grand finals with a one point victory...14-15. We congratulate the Eels for their efforts in reaching the grand finals for 2011. We thank our U13’s for the great support they have given their Club in 2011. The Cowboys administration will soon announce the wrap –up function dates/ times...so parents of Cowboys U13’s players please watch this space in the coming weeks.
In the U16’s age grade, the Avatiu Eels up against the Arorangi Cowboys. This team (Cowboys U16’s) has being in tremendous form this season under the guidance of Rob Heather Snr and Nga “Joey” Tarai. They are very structured, very fit and very ruthless in defence and one can only imagine the poor Eels preparation for this knock-out match after they were thumped 90-0 the last time they met. To cut things short, the game was stopped before full time at 61-0 to the Cowboys. We congratulate the “Motor Center” Cowboys U16’s for making the 2011 grand finals and thank the U16’s Eels for a great season.
The U19’s age grade...these boys are the future Premier grade players of their respective clubs. At Raemaru Park...Takuvaine Reds against the Arorangi Cowboys. The first they met in round one...10-9 to the Cowboys, in round two the Cowboys were disqualified and Takuvaine Reds awarded the victory. The U19’s Reds are a very talented team and they have the ability to go far. Whenever they did lose games it was by very narrow margins which were the case in 2011. So this was to be the third clash and last game for one team. Under the guidance of the Club motivational speaker...Keu Mataroa, the Cowboys eventually cruised home with a 30-6 victory over the Takuvaine Reds. This was the most surprising score margin for the day...we did not expect a score margin like this with the talented U19’s Reds.
In the reserve grade, with Takuvaine losing their premier grade the weekend before there was no doubt they were bringing the majority of their premier grade to play the Cowboys Reserve grade and as far as the Cowboys were concerned (after 8 weeks of no games)...they just wanted to play anyone. The game started with the Cowboys posting the first points via a backline try. They crossed again for another and constantly defended their try line ferociously paying very little respect to the Reds structured attack for the rest of the first half. Not much changed in the second half until the Reds finally crossed over for a deserved try. The Cowboys who were a little fired up about the Reds posting points on the board fired right back with another try via their backline. After some big defensive hits from players of both sides (both legal and illegal), the Cowboys walked away with the victory they needed to confirm a spot in the 2011 finals. We congratulate the Cowboys Reserve grade for their win and thank the Takuvaine Reds for finally showing up and giving our boys a good old rugby “hit-out” of which they really need to dust of 8 weeks’ worth of cobwebs before the finals this weekend.
In the final match for the day, this was set to be the finale for will go forward and who will go home in the premier grade. Again as we have expressed in our past articles...records mean absolutely nothing. In the first round in 2011, the Panthers were convincingly beaten by the Cowboys. In the second round for 2011, the Cowboys came from behind to eventually defeat the Panthers by a narrow margin. The semi’s or knock-out is a “throw everything but the kitchen sink” kind of match and both sides knew it. The Cowboys put points on the board first through an unconverted try...5-0. The Panthers returned with two penalty conversions...5-6 to the Panthers. The Panthers basically ran everything using the speed of their backline in the Piri brothers, Andrew, Lualua and Rua and when cornered they would re-gather and try another angle. On the Cowboys end, Rouru Une, Junior “Chiko” Tapurau, Faa Fa’ametau and Spoon Marsters were crafting and implementing attack plans of their own...the problem was they were never able to complete it. In the forwards, what was most impressive for the Panthers was their contest at the line-out. With the height and strength of Kore Herman the Cowboys were rarely able to win back their throw. The Cowboys forward pack lead by David Heather, Timi “Shadow” Tunui and Si Aumetua worked all game to contest the breakdown and their last effort in the final 10 minutes of the game...showed the spirit of the Cowboys in that you never give up until the final whistle has blown. The Panthers walked off the Park victorious with a 19-12 win and sealed their berth at the finals for 2011. We congratulate the Panthers on their courageous win and wish them the best of luck at this weekend’s finals. As for our Premier grade, well done boys...well done.
This weekend, we will have three grades contest the champions title...our U16’s, who are the current champions, our U19’s who came back into the competition after two years and our Reserve grade who like our 16’s are also the defending champions. This week’s finals matches will be played at Ngatangiia field or Nukupure Park. Our Reserve grade will play this Friday against the Titikaveka Bulls at 4:30pm. Our U16’s will play the Tupapa Panthers (12:50pm start) and our U19’s will play the Avatiu Eels (2:00pm start) on Saturday.
This week we acknowledge the continuous support of Prime Foods and Tia, Maire, Dan, Winton and your hard working team...thank you for supporting Arorangi Rugby.
Next week, we will bring more rugby news from the Cowboys Rugby Club 2011 campaign which will end in November after the International 7’s tournament and acknowledge another supporting sponsor of Cowboys Rugby. Good luck to all our teams this weekend.

Turanga no te angaanga akapuapinga a te Kavamani i Akatokamanava
Te mareka nei te Konitara Tutara o Akatokamanava a George Samuela i te turanga o te angaanga akapuapinga a te Kavamani i runga i tona enua ko Akatokamanava.
Kua oti i teia nei i te akapuapinga i te vai o te enua na roto i te tauturu mei roto mai i tetai pute moni mei tai mai. Te riro nei oki te ao natura i te pamu mai i te vai mei raro mai i te enua e tuku atu i tei reira ki roto i te paipa tae atu ei ki rot i te au ngutuare tatakitai. Kare te enua e manamanata akaou e me kare te vai e tae mai ki roto i to ratou au ngutuare. Kua riro oki te ao natura i te pamu mai i te vai e i te taime mua oki kua riro ana e na te ‘a’i uira e pamu mai i te vai e i teia nei na te ra e pamu mai i te vai. Te umuumu’ia nei ra te iti tangata i runga i tona enua enua auraka e ta’angaanga puapinga i te vai e auraka katoa e kaimoumou akaou i tei reira. Kua akameitaki katoa’ia oki te au paipa vai i runga i te mataara no te akata’e atu i te vai ki roto i te au ngutuare e ko tetai teia i te au angaanga akapuapinga a te Kavamani i runga i tona enua.
Te mareka katoa nei aia i te Konitara Tutara ei e kua tae mai tetai au tauturu na roto mai i te Kavamani no te akapuapinga i te uapu i runga i tona enua. E KamupaniViti tetai tei autu atu raou i te au angaanga no te akapuapinga i te uapu i Mauke e kua apai katoa mai ratou i ta ratou au matini no te tauturu’ia ratou i te rave’anga i ta ratou angaanga mei te matini taviri toka kia rauka mai tetai au kirikiri toka.
Mareka katoa aia i na te Konitara Tutara ei e i te mea te riro mei te rua ngauru au aronga angaanga te tutakina’ia nei no te angaanga atu ki runga i te uapu i te pae i teia au aronga angaanga nei mei Viti mai. Ko te Pacific Solutions oki kua peke’ia ratou te angaanga no te akapuapinga atu i te uapu i Akatoakamana. Te tutakina’ia nei oki mei te ono tara i te ora ara atu ki teia au aronga angaanga nei mei runga tau i te enua e te riro katoa nei te monia te aronga angaanga i te tauturu i te au pitiniti are toa i Mauke e pera katoa te aronga tanutanu e te tautai. E au metua vaine katoa tetai te angaanga nei na teia au kamuta viti i te tama i to ratou au kakau, te tama i te ngai noo’anga e pera katoa te tunu i ta ratou manga.
Kua irinaki katoa’ia oki e me oti mai te uapu i Akatokamana i te akapuapinga i roto i tetai okotai ki te rua marama ka neke atu teia aronga angaanga nei ki Nukuroa no te akameitaki katoa atu i to ratou uapu

In five years time, I will be…
In my English class, we had to do this wack as speech (no offence to the English teacher. She rocks the world of education). We had to choose one (out of five) topics to talk about. I had a really hard time choosing which one I wanted to do, but in the end, I finally made up my mind. I choose “What I will be in five years time”. It was such a relevant topic, as I already know where my future is heading.
In five years time, I will be nineteen. Shucks, when you think about it now, that’s seriously old. Scary. I plan to go to University and get my Masters in Business Administration. I’m not bragging or anything, it’s just the truth. And when I’m in University, I’ll have one heck of a time, throwing parties (just kidding, Mum), getting excellent results in my papers. You know all the good stuff. I can see myself walking down the “Red Carpet” of University, with one of those diamond thingy hats sitting on top of my head. Hopefully, I don’t trip while I’m walking.
In five years time, I will be the apprentice of Donald Trump. I will cook up a scheme to destroy him and then I will be the new owner of his entire business empire. Hey, you know what they say. Dreams are free. Yeah and when Donald Trump is out of the picture, I’ll make sure that his wife will get five percent compensation. So when I am running that empire, I will get filthy rich. I’ll make all my friends envious, when I’m driving past in my sleek Ferarri, waving to them as I go by. That’s right.
In five years time, I will definitely be kicking it back with Justin Bieber and Beyonce. Yeah, I will take a trip to Hollywood and get myself some connections. Once I’m in the movie industry, I will be the co star of Taylor Lautner in our Romance/Comedy movie. This movie is going to earn me instant fame as well as twenty Oscar Awards. After I have put my trophies in a safe place, I’m going to build myself a mansion in Beverly Hills. It will contain exactly one hundred rooms, twenty five and a half bedrooms, and the largest home theatre system you could ever imagine.
Yeah, this is what I’m going to be in five years time. As a friend of mine said “Dreams are free” and I’m definitely putting that to good use. To be honest, I only want to become a successful entrepreneur like Donald Trump. I’m allowed to dream, so don’t put me down. Maybe you have dreams and aspirations for your own future. Maybe you’d like to be a billionaire or a celebrity. Don’t let anybody put you down and go for it. Achieve your goals, don’t drop out of school and make your parents proud. -Norma Ngatamariki

Audit Office Update
The Audit Office has completed and released the Audit Brief into Hon. Minister McCully’s NZ Delegation departure tax exemption. This report has recommendations to the Financial Secretary, Secretary of Foreign Affairs and the CEO of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Audit Office has commenced the financial audit of Te Aponga, for the period 1st July 2010 to 30 June 2011. The audit of Te Aponga is the last of the State-owned Enterprises to be undertaken by the Audit Office. The Te Aponga audit was previously contracted out by the Audit Office.

A performance audit of the country’s largest POBOC, Payments on Behalf of the Crown, representing $12,120,263 has started. Working with Senior officials and the Secretary of Internal Affairs, this review will look into ways of improving systems and procedures and enhancing efficiencies by way of information technology. The Audit Office, together with Internal Affairs will try and come up with ways to improve the service delivery of their outputs to the public.

The Director of Audit has completed discussions with the Financial Secretary, Richard Neves, on the Office’s budget overspending. The Office’s preliminary overspending of $103,448.00 is now $29,559.00 after deducting trading revenue, personnel reimbursement from NZ Aid via Aid Management and the approved funds allocated under the contingency fund which related to legal fees on behalf of the Crown.

The overspend of $29,559.00 relates to UPS Unit, Server and Computers, staff training and development and attendance at regional and international conferences/workshops, special reviews, audits and investigations. A full report will be submitted to PERC.

Cook Island Herald Joins With Facebook
The Cook Islands Herald has finally joined social networking site Facebook and set up their own page, giving the public a chance to post questions, comments and view all our photos in color. Our page will be constantly updated with stories and images from both The Herald and The Times. To stay posted to our Facebook page you can check us out at, www.facebook.com/CookIslandsHerald for all your headlines, briefed current news, interviews and photos from across the Cook Islands.

Week 23: Nutritional Program
Kia Orana welcome back to another week of Nutritional program updates.
This week has been an interesting and painful one thanks to our daily intense workouts, for me personally its been a challenge in which I’m learning more and more to overcome thanks to the support of Team Determinators, last week I felt like s#*%!, it was like pain on top of pain on top of pain and you could see the exhaustion and pain shine through my smile, as soon as the weekend came my body was well rested and wasn’t looking forward to the new week, but after Monday and Tuesday’s training & zumba sessions and weighing in and the smile it brought to my face and the realisation came back that the intense training has paid off.
As for Team Determinators, we’re still in the Mind & Body Challenge and meet everyday for our intense workouts, one thing that gets us through each session is that we do it together as a team (well most of us) and offer support and advice to each other on a daily basis and its because of that we class each other as ‘family’ without that family bond we would’ve slacked off one by one, our biggest support is the Fitness Revolution family who are always there to encourage and offer support to everyone.
As for our weigh-in’s, the results last week were good and no doubt after the 100m sprints on Tuesday this week should be better. Harriet’s now in China and am sure after climbing the ‘Great Wall’ on Tuesday she’ll be sure to shed some kilo’s as the ‘Great Wall steps’ is a workout in itself.
Well that’s it from us this week, only a few more weeks to go till the end of the Mind & Body Challenge and by then we’ll be able to LIKE AN FR!

Herald Issue 554 09 March
- Norm exposes Trio of Doom
- Briefs from PM’s media conference Tuesday
- Tourism Industry ponders $5 million draft strategy
- Norman George resigns from Cook Islands Party
- Letter of Resignation from CIP
- Norman selfish says Prime Minister

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