HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 583: 28 September 2011

Ana Tiraa to head new Climate Change Office
The person who will head the new Climate Change division with the Office of the Prime Minister has been identified as Ana Tiraa –an experienced local consultant and environmental expert. Tiraa is presently overseas but she is tipped to take over the new post in October, following the recent moves to establish a stand-alone entity to manage and coordinate Climate Change and its related issues. In this financial year, the new office will be set up with funding from the Australian Government. The Government is expected to take over the funding for Climate Change from next financial year.
The establishment of the new office gained momentum from this year’s national consultations, which recommended that the demands stemming from Climate Change could be better served by a stand-alone entity. For years, the National Environment Service has carried the bulk of the load although the issues are so widely cross-cutting that several government agencies are engaged in Climate Change. With several government officials traveling overseas for Climate Change meetings and a number of projects being lined up to cater for stronger focus on adaptation measures, the new office will be expected to play a leading coordinating role.

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