HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 587: 2 November 2011

Remedial massage with Teuvira Upokotea
Therapeutic or relaxation are some of the words most commonly associated with massage, remedial is something different altogether.
Since the opening of the Matariki Maoro Clinic at the Punanganui Market, many locals have experienced the benefits of new knowledge in body therapies brought home here in the Cook Islands from Teuvira Upokotea, remedial masseurs training in New Zealand.
Manipulating and maneuvering the body in an entirely gentle way can correct long standing areas of pain caused by postural imbalances. This is called Articular Mobilization; it is not moving a convoy of trucks as it may sound.
Particular mobilization is the use of particular and specific movements to increase the health and well being of the joints and is used in a variety of situations where it can be the main form of treatment or an adjunct to massage therapy. Teuvira, whose focus is to implement the remedial effects of massage through articular mobilization says the benefits greatly enhance posture and movement in the body in general and the flow of circulation and synovial fluid in the areas that are being worked on, “to be able to work on the joints in this way offers clients a more complete treatment than practicing massage alone.”
Those that have already experienced the benefits of this treatment have voiced their amazement at long term body discomforts diminishing after one treatment and disappearing altogether after a series of treatments. “Many of these have been caused by postural imbalances, caused by previous body trauma,” say Teuvira, listing accidents, long hours in front of a computer and in particular posterior pelvic tilt caused by birth as some of the contributing factors. Another reason for unhealthy joints is poor hydration, water intake, particularly in this climate and nutrition, carrying extra weight puts pressure on both circulation and the joints.
Teuvira is able to tell immediately on examination of skin texture and joint movement whether or not your water intake is sufficient. He is available by appointment Monday to Saturday at his clinic Matariki Maoro hut 38, beachside at the Punanganui Market, or you can phone him on 79781 to organize a consultation. -Maria Tanner

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