HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 587: 10 November 2011

Eyes of Rarotonga
“Eyes of Rarotonga” is the latest addition to the retail complex at CITC.

With both its name and location changed from the old ‘Cook Islands Optex’ and run by Annie Dickins a New Zealand Optometrist, this little store is what everyone should be checking out, has it has great sun glasses and reading glasses for both adults and young children.
The Herald paid a visit to the outlet last Monday morning.
“We have a lot of beautiful glasses from the budget range and very high fashion glasses from France,” said Dickins.
Not only will ‘Eye’s of Rarotonga’ be able to supply you with great new reading or sun glasses, you may also buy new contact lens as well. They also have children’s sun glasses and sunnies which fit over existing glasses. Safety glasses and lens are also available. Quality contact lenses are also provided.
Not forgetting the new eye examination room placed in the back of the shop where people will be able to come in and get their eyes checked by Dickins who has been working in New Zealand and England as an optometrist for 30 years.
“Everyone must take care of their eyes, not only will getting an eye examination be telling you which lens would be suitable for your eyes but also if you have any eye diseases or diabetes, as the machine also picks that up,” said Dickins.
Repairs will be done if possible.
‘Eyes of Rarotonga’ opens on weekdays from 9am to 4pm and on Saturdays the store opens from 9am to 12pm. -Tiare Ponini

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