HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 591: 23 November 2011

Exhibition honours Oe Vaka once again
The Art Studio has once again turned it on for the annual Vaka Eiva festival of paddling. This year’s ‘Oe Vaka’ exhibition is the sixth edition of the annual event. There are works by 26 artists featured in the exhibition. The majority of the works were created using custom made wood paddles as a canvas for the art - this year made by Don Silk - and Kay George of The Art Studio commented that this year had seen the highest number of paddles submitted by artists to the show. There were however a few exceptions to the paddles, such as local artist Ian George’s painting, “Nga Pu Toru Narratives” (acrylic on canvas and board). The island of Mangaia was also represented, as one of the paddles featured in the show was created by Mangaian artist Taoi Nooroa. Some of the artists featured in the show this year include Kay and Ian George, Loretta Reynolds, Mahiriki Tangaroa, Ani O’Neill, Mike Tavioni, Varu Samuels, Bianca Whittaker, Numa MacKenzie and Shane Andrew. Kay George, who was impressed with the turnout at the exhibition preview on Monday night, added, “Paddlers come onto the island and they come out to this. Every year since we started, [many of] those who have returned for Vaka Eiva have made a point to come here. This is one of the highlights on their calendar as well.” The exhibition will run until Friday 2 December. -Ngariki Ngatae

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