HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 591: 23 November 2011

Workshop for Creative Writers
Wednesday marks the first day of a two-day creative writing workshop hosted by USP. The workshop lecturers are two established professional writers, Miria Rei George, award-winning writer and daughter of respected Cook Island artist and educator Ian George, and celebrated New Zealand maori playwright Hone Kouka. The pair also produce other New Zealand stage and screen works under their successful independent theatre and film production house, Tawata Productions, based in Wellington, New Zealand.
Kouka and George arrived in Rarotonga coming off an extremely successful season of the one-man play penned by Kouka, ‘I, George Nepia’, which is based on All Black and rugby legend, George Nepia. Following their visit, they will head straight back into a return season of the play and then to the prestigious Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards, where ‘I, George Nepia’ has been nominated for numerous awards, including Outstanding New New Zealand Play of the Year and Production of the Year. Next year they are looking forward to the world premier season of the stage play ‘Tu’, written and directed by Kouka, for the New Zealand International Arts Festival.
Kouka and George’s CV’s are impressive and the workshop will be an opportunity for aspiring and established Cook Island writers to learn first-hand from the experiences of the pair, as well as to connect with other local writers. The creative writing workshop will be held at USP on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November from 5pm to 8pm, and is open to writers of all levels and experience.-Ngariki Ngatae

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