HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 592: 30 November 2011

Maria Tanner Spends 5 Minutes with ... Josh Baker
This week we caught up with media guru and horror film fanatic Josh Baker, the latest addition to the Pitt Media Group. The young and talented Josh, who was raised in the Cook Islands and attended Nukutere College before completing his schooling in Brisbane, had a major decision to make between attending uni in Australia or coming to Rarotonga to work?
The self described easy going Josh kindly caught up with the Cook Islands Herald for 5 Minutes to share with us his passion for advertising and the decision he choose.
The Herald: So Josh it looks like you chose the latter of the two?
Josh Baker: Yeah, well basically my parents threw the option of me returning back here to get some work experience out there to me. The other option was either start working in Australia to help pay for my uni fees, so yeah I decided to come here instead.
H: Choice and how long have you been here for?
JB: Well I’ve only been in Rarotonga for about a week! But I was pretty much raised here and then my family and I moved over to Australia where I just recently finished school.
H: And you’ve already started working?!?
JB: Yeah today’s my second day and it’s been pretty cool so far.
H: Cool. Tell us what you’re doing at Pitt Media Group?
JB: Well I’m working within advertising at the moment but basically I want to become a professional director so I thought that this would be a really good step to get some experience. But its awesome heaps of random opportunities are thrown at you and it’s all new and different, and I’m still learning though.
H: Cool it sounds like your enjoying yourself and experience is always helpful, have you thought about pursuing tertiary studies at all?
JB: To be honest not really I kind of figure that as long as I’ve got some experience up my sleeve then I don’t really need to go to uni to get somewhere.
H: So what exactly is it that you like about advertising?
JB: You get to know all the specials before anyone else!! No but seriously its cool you meet a lot of different people and learn new things within advertising and editing.
H: So tell us Josh when you’re not working, what do you like to do with your spare time?
JB: Well I love music. Music is more or less my life!!
H: Wow Josh that’s a bold statement! Tell us if I were to listen to your iPod what songs would I hear?
JB: Well I like to listen to a lot of hip hop, pop and rap. You’d probably hear some R-Kelly on there, Nelly and Lil Wayne. Drake, he’s pretty cool. I also really like Lady Gaga and Nicky Minaj she’s pretty different.
H: Cool that sounds like a pretty good mix of artists. So Josh, when you head to the DVD store which aisle do you make a beeline for, the comedy or action section?
JB: Ha, um neither I’m more into horror films something that keeps me on edge, especially the classics like Alfred Hitchcock he’s my favorite but the occasional newer films are pretty good too. Also Quentin Tarintino he’s into those western styled films, I like that about him too.
H: If you had to sum yourself up in a few words what would they be?
JB: I’m an easy going, nice guy! -Maria Tanner

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