HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 593: 7 December2011

Only the beginning
A Black Belt does not come easily in the world of Martial Arts.
For Tereora College 7th former Tania Apera, her quest for Black has been a seven year journey of hard work, perseverance and dedication.
Last week at the Cook Islands Martial Arts Academy’s (CIMAA) three day grading and assessment event, Tania accepted her Black Belt from instructor Shihan Dan Turua. It was an occasion for all connected with the Academy to celebrate as Tania has been one of the Academy’s high achievers.
Shihan Dan Turua picks up her story, telling the Herald on Monday afternoon that Tania now joins CIMAA Black Belt recipients: Teumere Koteka Heather, Tina Kae, Angela Makikiriti, Heremoana Tauira, Phillip Roi, Mark Anderson, Isaac Tutai and John Whitta who previously carried the country and club honours to tournaments in NZ and Australia.
Turua said Tania found her school studies and pursuit of her martial arts goals had been a challenge and in fact it was so demanding that without the support of her parents and instructor, she may have fallen prey to other sports codes.
Tania, said Turua, plays an integral part in the club as a mentor, facilitator and assistant instructor. This has added another dimension to the success and positive profile of the students.
A special trophy was presented to Tania from her fellow student and close admirer Rouruina Porio, 2010 winner of the CIMAA “Little Dragon’s Most Outstanding Award.”
Rouruina, also known as the “Atiu Warrior,” 8 yrs, Shihan Turua’s grandson, was a superb martial artist and gifted athlete with advanced Karate skills. Early this year, his legs and arms were severely burnt due to a fire accident. He is now recovering in Auckland. Ina conveys his regards to all CIMAA students.
The grading and assessment event was followed with an awards evening held last Friday at the NU Bar.
“A Black Belt is only the beginning of a long and adventurous journey,” said Turua. He was reflecting on the words of the legendary late Bruce Lee who once said, “Martial Arts is like finger pointing to the moon. Don’t look at the finger, or you’ll miss that heavenly glory.”
The CIMAA will re-open on 6 February 2012.
Programme will include Shotokan Karate, Judo, Kali (Filipino Martial Art), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Venue: Shogun Dojo, Tupapa.
Days: Mondays to Thursdays.
Time: 4pm -6pm.
Instructor: Shihan dan Turua. -Charles Pitt

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