HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 593: 7 December2011

Family in Trust Rarotonga Tour
Arriving on the Rock early Saturday morning directly from Sydney is a 15 member performing group, called the ‘Family in Trust.’
The group, touring under the leadership of Ken Cameron of Atiu, has a very busy schedule with five shows booked during their stay.
With their hit song ‘Maine Purotu’ a favorite among young Australian based Cook Islanders, the group is looking forward to performing here.
Family in Trust includes musicians, singers, backup singers and dancers as well; the group is made up of Australian born Cook Islanders, most of whom are originally from the island of Atiu. The Atiu community on Rarotonga is excited about their own brethren from Sydney who have taken time from their busy schedule to help raise funds for their Atiu Hostel.
The group consists mostly of young people in their 20’s, some of whom will be visiting for the first time.
They will be performing at the Punanga Nui Market on Saturday morning straight off their flight and will also be selling their music CD’s and video clips there.
On Monday the group will be performing at the RSA as a fundraiser for the Atiu Hostel. Wednesday the 14th, they will be performing at the Banana Court and on Friday the 16th at Hidies Bar. The group’s final show will be at the Tupapa Youth Centre on Saturday night. There is a $5 cover charge to all of these venues and this is partly to contribute to the group’s travel expenses.
Family in Trust will be staying at the Kavera Meeting House and families have been asked to gift food and drinking nuts for the group.
Tour Manager Ken Cameron is a locally renowned musician and is a lead guitarist. There are back up musicians the likes of Taokia Bros, Piri Nicholls and Bobby Moeka’a to name a few. Ken once toured the outer islands with the Maruata band during the 80’s especially in the Ngaputoru islands.
Family In Trust is travelling to Atiu on the 19th December, and will spend some time with family and friends. They return to Sydney on Boxing Day. -Tiare Ponini

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