HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 593: 7 December2011

Maria Tanner Spends 5 Minutes with ... Brooke Miller
As the pressure of the year’s final exams start to ease off and the ‘summer break’ holiday mode starts to kick in schools and students across Rarotonga have been celebrating their annual prize giving event to commemorate students in their academic efforts throughout the year. On Friday 3rd December Titikavake College held their annual prize giving awards and the Cook Islands Herald was there to get the scoop with this year’s Titikaveka College DUX 2011 the highly ambitious Brooke Miller. Year 11
Herald: Congratulations Brooke on being awarded DUX 2011 for Titikaveka College! That’s not the only award you received though is it?
Brooke Miller: Thank you, yeah I also got an award for science, English, ICT and PE!!
H: Wow that’s impressive Brooke; you must really enjoy these subjects, clearly.
BM: (laughs) yeah they are pretty cool.
H: So you’re in year 11 and excelling in your subjects. What subjects do you want to take next year for year 12?
BM: Well actually I’ll be going over to New Zealand next year.
H: Really? What made you decide to move?
BM: Well I want to become a marine biologist and I feel that there are more options for me in New Zealand.
H: A marine biologist that’s neat!! So you’ve already thought about the career path that you would ideally like to take?
BM: Yeah I really want to do marine biology and so I spoke with some of my mother’s friends who are marine biologist and their best advice to me was to continue my studies over in New Zealand and then from there continue with University studies.
H: Your very organized Brooke, have you enrolled into another college yet?
BM: (laughs) Yeah, I’ve already enrolled into Rutherford College.
H: What do you enjoy about Titikaveka College?
BM: Well the teachers are really good. Even though it’s a small school I think its an advantage because when you have smaller classes you get more time with your teacher, it makes it easier to learn.
H: That’s a good point! So what do you think about Titikaveka including year 12 studies for 2012?
BM: I think it’s a good opportunity for kids from the bigger colleges because to come, although it is a smaller school the learning opportunities are all the same and the new principal is offering more options next year so yeah it’s definitely something to consider.
H: They say that it takes a village to raise a child, is there anyone that you would like to thank?
BM: Definitely! Well I’d like to thank my teachers especially Ms McKenzie she’s helped me a lot this year, also my family and friends who have always been there and everyone else who has helped me achieve my goals this year.
H: One last question which I like to ask everyone, if I were to borrow your iPod what would I find lurking in your playlist?
BM: Um allsorts really!! You’d definitely get some reggae, some hip hop, some RnB and probably some gospel songs too. -Maria Tanner.

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