HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 594: 14 December2011

DNA evidence successfully fought in assault trial
A four-day trial ending on Tuesday 14 December brought by the Police against Iorama Ngataua, has gone in favour of the defence, despite DNA profiling being used by prosecution as key evidence against the accused. The case relates to the alleged robbery and brutal assault of a woman at the premises of Te Kainga O Pa Taunga in Panama. The case saw two forensic scientists testifying in the case. Following extensive DNA testing conducted by the scientists, they concluded absolutely that the blood on some of Ngataua’s clothing was blood belonging to the victim.
Defence Counsel Norman George commented that the case was “remarkable” as the positive identification of the victim’s blood on the clothing of Ngataua meant the DNA was “very crucial evidence”. However, according to George, because Ngataua was known to have previously attended the premises where the crime took place, for business related to the work of Te Kainga O Pa Taunga, the DNA evidence was “contaminated” and was not enough to convict Ngataua of the crime.
The trial concluded with the jury acquitting Ngataua of all charges, and George is delighted at the outcome. -Ngariki Ngatae

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