HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 594: 14 December2011

The healing powers of Max
Sally Wichman’s ulcerous lower right leg has healed.
Husband Tom attributes the healing to God. He explains it this way, God gave a person the brains to produce a remedy which healed Sally.
Anyone who knows Sally, knows that for more than 10 years she has suffered from a varicose ulcer on her lower right leg. She was told by Doctors that her veins had gone and her valves were leaking. Specialists said the same.
Tom said recently, they came across “Max GXL The Glutathione Accelerator”” a dietary supplement which boosts the body’s immune system. Apparently, Max helps the body make “Glutathione” which helps the body repair itself. Max is for adults only but not pregnant or nursing mothers. It contains extracts from shellfish and mushrooms which some people may be allergic to.
Sally began taking Max in May 2011. Three capsules in the morning and three in the afternoon. A photograph taken on 27 November 2011, about 6 months later, shows Sally’s leg healed (see photos).
Also healed was Sally’s arthritis. Her hand used to be clenched up and she suffered pain and also cramps in both legs. The next day, she was able to unclench her hand and the pain was gone. The cramps in her legs also stopped. She no longer suffers from these ailments anymore.
Tom said Max had helped him as well. Doctors have told him the cancer in his liver has shrunk and continues to shrink. He now has more energy and no lethargy. His regular daily naps have stopped and he feels he has a better quality of life. He’s up earlier and gets more done.
Tom said while Max helps to speed up the healing process, people should still continue to take their conventional medicine as prescribed. Max, said Tom also slows the aging process.
Tom said he had personally seen Max help other people suffering from diabetes, arthritis and other ailments.
20 years of research went into developing Max said Tom. The first set of trials were on AIDS patients. Max came onto the market in the USA 10 years ago as a food supplement. It has been on the market in NZ for about a year and is only available from the NZ agent for the US manufacturer.
Max is not available in the Cook Islands said Tom and anyone interested in trying Max may contact his daughter Tania at OTC in Arorangi and she will pass them onto him.
Anyone can check the product on the internet said Tom who regards Max as a real blessing. -Charles Pitt

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