HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 594: 14 December2011

Little Polynesian showcase something real polynesian on final day of KOCI forum
Pioneers within the tourism industry The Little Polynesian Resort have been paving the path of travelers to the Cook Islands for years setting the precedence of hospitality and service management in the Cook Islands and Friday morning’s familiarization event which hosted 50 international guest of the Kia Orana Cook Islands forum industry was no different.
The seamless event, organized by General Manager Alex Wilson and coordinator Nana Short had wanted to create a concept that would showcase just how unique the Little Polynesian Resort is and allows the visiting international industry leaders to take with them “an experience they will always remember.” Visitors receiving an Ei on arrival were welcomed onto The Little Polynesian Resorts premises with a traditional turou chant before being briefed on the late Te Tika Dorice Reid and what she had envisioned for the resort, “These KOCI industry leaders and primary stake holders visiting the Cook Islands stay in some of the best hotel rooms ever built…hence we looked at the ‘experience’ factors as much as the room,” says general manager Alex Wilson.
Guest were then invited to a site inspection of the premises show casing the resorts are’s, over beach bungalows, later arriving on the beach to view a traditional Vaka wading through the lagoon carrying a bride onto the beach. The host Sam Napa, recently returned from travels aboard the vaka Marumaru Atua, explained to guest the importance of the Vaka and its cultural heritage, of the marine reserve and the significance of its role with not only the people but also the tourism industry.
The Little Polynesian Resort which was established by the late Te Tika Dorice Reid, an advocate of the Cook Islands tourism industry and its relationship with culture, had the perfect opportunity to showcase the resort on an international platform. Partnering with Vane and Lilly Henry from Atiutaki escape for special combo’s in 2012-2013 The Little Polynesian Resort and Aitutaki Escape are steadily aiming to reaffirm the stability of the tourism industry and confirm the importance that Aitutaki has a significant role in the Cook Islands. Nana Short, coordinator of the event says, “Management and staff had wanted to incorporate the essence of the late Dorice Reid with this presentation.”
Although daunted by threatening weather, strong wind gusts and heavy rain lasting ten minutes both Wilson and Short are determined that, “it’s about an experience and not just hotel rooms and we know it was a sure sign that the leader and business woman Dorice Reid approved.” -Maria Tanner

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