HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 595: 21 December2011

CISNOC Board Members not resigning
In light of CISNOC’s meeting on Monday night to present members with an accurate report of its current financial position, current president Sir Geoffrey Henry has revealed that the current board members of CISNOC “will not be resigning”. The financial statement, which was released on Wednesday is a result of approximately two months work conducted by CISNOC treasurer, Dan O’Brien.
While Sir Geoffrey admitted that the current situation was “not the very best”, he went on to say that he could not think of a time when CISNOC was “ever this good”. He stated that when he first stepped in as president of the organisation in April of 2009 the board was still attempting to settle unresolved financial issues that dated back to as early as 2007, where payments to members had been approved by the board at the time, but had not been paid out.
Sir Geoffrey said that the board did not feel “guilty” of the mismanagement of funds within CISNOC and claimed that the mistakes were made “at a lower level” than the executive. He stated that the board is reliant upon financial information that is fed to it and therefore was in a “dependent” position. “The board did not feel guilty in that sense that they had deliberately, knowingly made a decision, even though the finances did not support it. All the decisions the board made were subject to whatever financial information was supplied to the board.”
Sir Geoffrey did admit that there was “no question” that the executive did have a responsibility to ensure that the information being acted upon was accurate. He quoted CISNOC’s constitution commenting, “The board is responsible totally for everything that happens inside CISNOC.” He added that, going forward, the process that needs to be established is in regards to ensuring that money received for a particular activity doesn’t shift to any other programme.
Sir Geoffrey sang the praises of O’Brien as current treasurer, saying that O’Brien was as determined as all the members of the board that “CISNOC will never, ever get into the same position again”.
CISNOC is still in the process of finding the funds to resolve the issues faced by the organisation. “We are talking with everybody. If there’s anybody out there with spare money we’d welcome that. It’s not really [the executive] we’re trying to save. CISNOC is a very large organisation consisting of 25 national federations and 10 island sports associations, with over 2000 people who play sports – that’s CISNOC. So if there is anybody out there who wants, we’d welcome whatever contribution they can make.” -Ngariki Ngatae

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