HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 595: 21 December2011

Exhibition in honor of Pa Ariki
On Tuesday, the Herald visited the exhibition at the National Museum, where various photographs and a portrait painting of Pa Tapaeru Teariki Upoko-Tini Marie (Pa Ariki) are on show.
The exhibition explores the significance of Pa’s family history, genealogy, sacred sites and the responsibilities that she carries out as Pa Ariki.
A commentary about Pa and her views accompanies the exhibit.
Pa Marie Ariki is the current Paramount Chief of Takitumu and her investiture took place in 1990. During the years 1990 and 2002, she also held the position of President of the House of Ariki. During her reign, she has been active in community affairs especially for non-government organizations.
Pa has a number of responsibilities which keep her on her toes, such as strengthening the ties that the Cook Islands has with other Pacific countries.
Pa has encountered many challenges during her reign, but the real issue has always been about money. The financial problems of trying to purchase gifts for her hosts overseas and the travelling costs strained her own personal budget. Even though she is spending from her own purse, she is determined to be a representative of the Cook Islands no matter what the costs.
Pa Ariki’s personal views of politics are valued and acknowledged by many. She states that the traditional structures are working alongside a modernized Cook Islands. This is so the next generation can grasp the importance of our Cook Island heritage, for instance, the importance of maintaining Te Reo. She feels that our language is slowly dying out, due to the lack of interest from our youth. In a political sense, Pa Ariki feels the Western government has failed in its approach to meet people’s needs. As an Ariki, she says that people of her status are not respected and not provided with enough resources.
Her vision is to improve the health and well-being of her people, as she has noticed that there has been a rise of health issues in the Cook Islands. Many have embraced this idea.
Pa Ariki is a dedicated mother to four children, Noeline, Samuela, Salamasina and Napa. She was married to Samuela Snr, who was the chief of Puaikura during the years 1978-1999. Pa Ariki is one of seven children from the late Pa Terito Ariki. - Norma Ngatamariki

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