HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 596: 29 December2011

Media Conference adopts key declaration to promote broadcasting
The Pacific Media Partnership has adopted a key declaration calling on the governments, international organisations and all stakeholders to assist and empower the broadcasters in the Pacific region to help them carry out their mandate of providing information, education and entertainment through their services to audiences. This is deemed as an important step in the development and sustenance of the broadcasting industry in the region.
The Pacific Media Partnership Conference, held at the Fa’onelua Convention Centre in Nuku’alofa in Tonga, on 21 December 2011, was inaugurated and addressed by the Hon. Prime Minster of the Kingdom of Tonga, Lord Tu’ivakano. The conference was attended by more than 70 senior executives of broadcasting and media organisations in the Pacific Island countries.
Pitt Media Group Director Shona Pitt attended the conference.
The PMP Conference is part of the three-day event themed “Strengthening Voice of the Pacific”, comprising pre-conference workshops on 19-20 December and the full-day conference on 21 December. The event was jointly organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development and the Pacific Media Partnership Committee, and hosted by the Tonga Broadcasting Commission.
More specifically, the Pacific Media Partnership asked the Governments in the Pacific countries to consider providing assistance to their broadcasters to help them in capacity building, strengthening of their infrastructure and services.
In an appeal to the international organisations, the PMP Conference urged that they recognise the importance of international cooperation to help the Pacific broadcasters to implement effective restoration and up-gradation of their facilities and capacity building of their human resources.
The PMP also enjoined upon the broadcasters in the Pacific region to actively help in expanding public knowledge and understanding about climate change and its solutions, prioritizing the integration of climate change-related messaging and information across radio, television and all new media platforms employing appropriate programme genres.
Recognizing the need to overcome the digital divide, the Partnership urged the concerned governments and international funding agencies to work together in close coordination through a common secretariat.
About the PMP
The Pacific Media Partnership is an alliance of progressive broadcasters in the Pacific Island countries which aims to assist in the development of the broadcasting services in the region and progress the industry towards digitalization and the multi-platform paradigm.
The PMP Conference here in Tonga is another important step that the Pacific Media Partnership has taken in addressing the challenges and opportunities that face the broadcasters, both Public Service and Commercial Service broadcasters. It offers a valuable platform for the industry players to learn and exchange ideas.
The PMP Conference is part of the three-day event with the theme “Strengthening Voice of the Pacific”, which comprised of seven pre-conference workshops on 19-20 December and the full-day conference today.

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