HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 597: 05 January 2012

Te Kou Boogie Boarding Youth Club Gifted New Boards
Cook Islander ‘Sugar’ Kane Amoa is implementing ways to busy our youth

Boogie boarding enthusiast Kane Amoa, a Cook Islander who currently resides in Perth, Western Australia, gifted 11 new boogie boards to the keen young boarders of Turangi founding the first NGO youth boogie boarding club of Turangi. Kane Amoa, affectionately dubbed “Sugar” Kane by his younger Te Kou Club counterparts had visited Rarotonga earlier in September and forged a common friendship with the Monga family children, “it was hilarious,” laughs ‘sugar’ Kane, “the kids thought I was a tourist who had come down for a surf, until I started speaking Maori to them.” From his last visit Kane Amoa says that the kids were passionate about boogie boarding almost as much as he was, and decided on his next return to Rarotonga he would gift the young founders of Te Kou Boogie Boarding Youth Club with brand new boards, “those kids, the two that I went out boarding with they’re bloody good, they could eventually become professional boarders,” says Amoa.
Purchasing the boards in Perth and travelling with them to Rarotonga ‘Sugar’ Kane gifted the 11 boards to the club on New Year ’s Day and says that it’s
important to keep our youth busy and their minds active, “expanding these children’s minds is important, because when I look at them what I see is the future.”
The youth club whose current members largely consist of youth from Turangi between the ages of 7 to 14 are excited about the new donations giving them the opportunity to get out there and break in the new boards. ’Sugar’ Kane Amoa, who was also raised in the village of Ngatangiia, says there are many similarities between him and the members of Te Kou Boogie Boarding club and emphasizes the significance of helping out with your community, “I choose to help the children in Turangi because that’s a community that involves and affects me,” says Amoa, “but these kids are passionate and if we can get the wheels to start turning for them then I think it’s a great way to keep them busy and active.” -Maria Tanner

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