HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 598: 11 January 2012

More domestic violence cases reported
Women have now got the confidence to stand up for themselves and speak out against domestic violence.” Say’s Police Officer Rebecca Ellis.
At the beginning of 2010, the number of domestic violence cases reported was 23 then throughout the year dropped. The lowest number being 6 in August with it reaching an all time high in December with 32 cases reported.
Sergeant Ellis told the Herald the statistics do not show a rise in domestic violence but a rise in women and children speaking out against domestic violence that has already been happening for a while.
Snr Sergeant Rebecca Ellis is a coordinator in the Cook Islands Police for Domestic Violence against Women and Children and has been working on the “Break the Silence – End the Violence” campaign since it started. She believes that having the campaign pushed out in the public and it’s team getting 100 percent behind it, is probably one of the reasons more women are standing up for themselves now as they have seen ads and stories on TV and in the news papers that we all have rights and getting hit isn’t one of them.
This rise in reported cases is not a good sign as it shows how much domestic violence is actually going in the homes. However, it is a good sign that the victims are finally speaking out against violence.
“ Progress is slow but we will get there some day,” said Snr Sergeant Ellis. -Tiare Ponini

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