HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 598: 11 January 2012

Work Experience
This is how the beginning of each morning goes: I wake up. I look at the clock and wonder “OMG. Is that the freakin’ time?!” I rush out of bed and hit my head on the wall in the process. I do some minor swearing and run to the bathroom, just to make sure that I get there first. I try and “find my happy place” when I’m looking for an outfit to wear. Sometimes, I think that it’s not worth it and that I should just quit. And then I think,”But I get paid for doing this,” I’m usually at work by 8:15am.
Sometimes, I arrive too early and I’m locked out of my own “office”. My colleagues and I wait around outside, looking like stranded idiots. While we wait, we catch up on the latest gossip and try to entertain ourselves with the stories that we have from the weekend. When the people with the keys finally arrive to open the doors, I’m usually the first one in, so I can book a computer (with Internet, of course). My workday usually begins with a good cleaning of our building (Yes, we do our own cleaning). Although cleaning was not on the job description, the team always finds the will to get it done.
I’m usually out on a job, trying to find some good stories to put inside the Herald or taking some random photos of people. They often mistake me for a stalker, until I explain what my job is. I mean, c’mon, do I look like a stalker? Some cheeky buggers are brave enough to say yes (Note that these people are usually my friends, so I am allowed to physically hit them) I enjoy this part of my job, because I meet people out there on the street.
It sucks, having to rely on your boss and your work colleagues to find stories when you can’t do it yourself. I’m going to be brutally honest with you, reader, sometimes I feel useless. I tried doing the Radio this week, but everybody seemed to be rejecting for news. Then I tried reading out the news on Radio, but apparently, I had a few mistakes, so someone had to redo it. Gah, shame! Well, even though I’m new to this sort of thing, I should still be able to pronounce ‘meteorological’ properly!
I like to muck around a lot and then do some work. As I am typing this out, I’m having trouble trying to figure out what to write and looking down at the word count, hoping that I can reach the 500 word limit. When I can’t think, I be a bit sneaky and check out my Facebook page. It gives me inspiration to carry on and do some work. I’ll admit that I do get a bit distracted (Like, when I say 30 seconds on the Net only…nek minnit, 30 seconds turns into one hour) but in the end, I manage to get the job done. -NOrma Ngatamariki

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