HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 601: 01 February 2012

A new challenge for Harriet
Last Monday CITV Local News Reporter Harriet Tuara was informed by the National Human Recourses Department (NRHD) that she had been granted a Scholarship to study in New Zealand along with six others.
Harriet is to attend AUT (Auckland University of Technology) in Auckland and departs Rarotonga on Monday the 6th of February. She will be studying for a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Journalism and Public Relations.
Harriet is one of CITV’s long serving staff having started at the age of 10 years helping her mother Julie Taripo with CITV News sports. While she ends her tenure with CITV on Friday, Harriet says “I don’t feel sad or anything like that about leaving the team, because I know Ill be coming back, Raro is where I belong.”
Though University commences on the 26th of February, Harriet will be leaving early in time for the orientation programme on the 9th and to settle in with her new house mates at their designated boarding house. “I kind of know what to expect of University from experiences my friends and family have had.
I know this will be a great experience for me, I will be able to further my knowledge and skills, this is good for me and the company,” said Harriet.
Harriet’s Scholarship programme covers three years at University and she will be sure to give it her best.
Although Harriet can’t wait to begin the new experience she say’s the only downside to the whole thing would be not being able to see her family for a period of time. “I will miss my family, especially my baby. I know I’ll be waiting for their visits to New Zealand when I start school,” Harriet say’s with a sad gleam in her eyes.
Harriet would like to encourage others to go further than just High School, “Whether you’re working or have just left college, check for more options, gain more knowledge or skills, ring the NHRD for options in your criteria, you never know you might actually be surprised.”
Everyone in the Pitt Media Group wishes Harriet Tuara well and good luck for her studies. -Tiare Ponini

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