HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 601: 01 February 2012

Finishing unfinished business with Kristina Kauvai
Sione’s 2 Unfinished Business, the highly anticipated answer to Oscar Kightleys 2006 New Zealand based film Sione’s Wedding, featured some of our very own talent Kristina Kauvai and Joyanne Meyer as ‘angels’ that saw them working alongside accomplished actors Robbie Magasiva, Dave Fane and Teuila Blakely in New Zealand. The Cook Islands Herald caught up with Kristina Kauvai to get the backstage scoop about working on the film set.
The Herald: So Kristina what was it like for you working on a film set with accomplished actors like Oscar Kightley? Were you nervous?
Kristina Kauvai: It was a great experience, we had fun and they were completely down to earth. Nah I wasn’t nervous, by the time you’re on the 3rd action take, you’re completely relaxed.
H: I understand that you are signed to an agency in NZ, is this how you landed the role for the film?
KK: Yes I’m part of the Vanity Walk Modeling Agency - I joined up with them in 2009 when I moved to Auckland to attend University. Their role is basically to source jobs for you i.e. modeling opportunities for fashion shows or photo shoots and acting opportunities in TV adverts or like in this case, movies. From there, you attend auditions to try out for the part alongside many other girls also trying out. You then land the part based on your performance in the audition.
H: What sort of role were you playing?
KK: There are x5 angels and they gradually appear throughout the entire movie. I was the angel - bride to be and the other angels were bridesmaids. The role was a lead up to all 5 angels walking into a night club for a hen’s night out together.
H: What sort of acting experience have you had prior?
KK: I didn’t have much past experience in acting, though I did feature in Shortland Street a few years ago.
H: How many days of shooting did it take for your part?
KK: It took a day - started around 1pm for KK: makeup/wardrobe and filming was in the evening right up to say 10pm.
H: Was it a well paid role?
KK: Yea I think was ok... at the time I was a university student so the extra cash came in very handy.
H: Can you name a few high lights and low lights you have experienced about working within this field?
Lows: It requires a lot of patience due to the endless amount of ‘takes’ required ... I swear I think we done our small part like 20 times lol... so imagine how many takes the main actors/actresses will have to do.
Highs: You get to meet great people and make friends. It can open more doors of opportunities through the people you engage with and I suppose you get a little taste of fame lol!
H: What advice could you offer to someone who is interested in pursuing a career within the same field?
KK: Definitely sign up to an agency for starters and when offered the opportunity to audition for a part, make sure you take note of all the details they require from you and give the audition your best shot.
H: In terms of your acting/modeling career what have you got planned for the coming year?
KK: Hahaha, I wouldn’t really call it a career for me; it was more like a hobby on the side and outlet while I was at university studying. Now that I’m back in Raro, the process for modeling or appearing in TV adverts is a lot more simple... no such thing as agencies here, it’s pretty much a phone call straight from people interested in having you feature in a photo shoot/TV advert. So in my case, no major plans, I’ll just take part in photo shoots etc as they come. -Maria Tanner

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