HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Gateway hairdressing course piloted

Bringing 27 years of experience to the classroom hair stylist and tutor Kim Davis of Pacific Village salon in Muri has introduced an in house Gateway course that began on Monday.
The pilot Gateway course will take place over the next two weeks and is aimed at providing students, under the guidance of Davis, with the basic skills involved with hair dressing and is one of the first courses of this nature established here. Davis in conjunction with the Hair Dressing Association in New Zealand have introduced the unit standard based course which provides current students on the short term program with practical experience at an introductory level whilst gaining recognized qualifications, “We’ve developed this course so that it’s interesting, and involves all the things we feel people need to learn” says Davis “so the girls (students) will come away eventually with some qualifications.” As the name suggest the Gateway program is intended to bridge the pathway for students from course to workplace and once completed Davis suggest that either work experience, work placement or continuing with online training available through the Serville’s Training Academy as possible options to pursue their hair dressing careers ‘it’s just easy and working well with them and I’m looking at taking on one of the girls on full time.”
Davis who’s extensive background within the hair dressing industry has worked for the prestigious Serville’s Salon in New Zealand and tutored for several years makes her the ideal candidate for the role and says the idea for starting the course stemmed from her wanting to give back to the community, “I thought I’ve got the skills so why not teach it.” Noticing a wide spread want to up skill in the areas hairdressing and personal presentation skills Davis had placed an advert for the course and was inundated by the response of eager applicants, “we even had people from the outer islands interested in the course.” Davis plans to further the course from its inaugural stages and to build in funding to cater to the outer island participants, “basically that will allow us to give everyone else a chance” assures Davis.

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