HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

The Biggest Loser

It was up to us to make a difference this year. Our group, which consisted of Mami, Michael, Nadia and I, were determined that this year, we would all look like fashion models, fit for the catwalk. We had made the drastic decision to lose some of the extra pounds. Yes, dear readers, we had made our own version of The Biggest Loser.
Of course it took a lot of convincing to get the others to participate. It wasn’t easy. You had to be fully committed, ready to give up the unhealthy eating habits and your attendance for Zumba sessions had to be 100%. I wasn’t too keen on the idea myself, but I realised that the waistband of my skirt was getting a little tight and I woke up to reality. It was time to get out the running shoes that were collecting dust in my closet. First mission to accomplish was to go to Zumba at the Tupapa Maraerenga Centre. I haven’t set foot in that place in, like, forever, so it would be a blast from the past. I was excited and scared at the same time.
Our beautiful fitness instructor, Frankie, was really enthusiastic about seeing the newcomers. I fully recommend that you attend her sessions. As soon as she started moving, I was tired already! Frankie was so full of stamina and I was struggling to keep up with the pace. Shame! It was just an indication of how unfit I was. All the hip movements looked sexy when Frankie was demonstrating it, but when I did it, I looked like a whale, trying to swim to a faster beat. Every second of it was torture! I guess it was a good kind of torture because I could feel the weight melting off me.
I did my part at school as well. Bringing a healthy lunch was considered a tad shameful, but I wanted to win this thing, so I didn’t care. Luncheon sandwiches (which had more lettuce in it than luncheon) and carrot sticks were on the menu, with plain water for a drink. I know what you’re thinking: Yuck! I thought the same thing as well, but when you’re really hungry, you’ll eat anything. I started off the lunch trend (Not really) and pretty soon, everybody started to bring lunch. We all sat down together and ate our yuck-but-healthy lunches.
At home, it’s another story. When there’s heaps of food in the pantry, it’s hard to resist a little nibble. A nibble then turns into a full-on meal and you’ve just gained extra pounds that you’ve worked so hard to lose. It frustrates me sometimes. I was going to ask my mum to put a lock on the pantry, but then I thought that was just plain stupid. I needed to learn self-control. I needed to know my limits. I had to set goals for myself. So I distracted myself by going outside and “meditating”. You should try it out sometimes.

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