HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Bringing home the love
Music speaks a universal language and using it as a constructive tool to reach the hearts and minds of our Cook Islands youth is what the two musicians Edward ‘Ed’ Ru lead singer of hit reggae band Sweet n Irie and Rahui Vaka, who is more commonly known under the well publicized performance name of ‘Brother Love’, agree they have travelled here to Rarotonga to be a part of. The pressing issues of our Cook Islands youth have struck a chord with the pair, we have come a long way and what we are doing here is spreading our message, what we’re about, and the love, with the youth here. Through their Rastafarian musical influence they hit strong themes of cultural identity, self development and inspiration and the important concept of ‘I and I’ which looks to emphasize the relationship between humanity and God and equality of humans, “often I’ve been confused for a Jamaican, a Samoan or (New Zealand) Maori,” Ru declares, “but every time I go up on stage I say ‘KIA ORANA’ that’s how I acknowledge my crowd and who I am, a Cook Islander, so that people know.” Using their own careers as an exemplar Ru and Vaka raise an interesting perspective, “all Cook Islanders in a sense are performers,” they share with me, considering our small nation we have produced a number of musicians and artists that have excelled on the international stage and believe that the same is attainable for our youth today. In a tour de force the pair have teamed up with other local performing artist to help raise funds for suicide awareness 2012 and will performing at a number of venues including tonight’s Akaoa Night Markets in Arorangi and the Bring Home the Love tour concert which will be held at the Auditorium this Thursday evening. -Maria Tanner

Herald Issue 608 21 March
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