HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Wack Night Out
It was a special Saturday last week, as I was going to attend a birthday (I should mention that this is my first official outing since the beginning of the year. I have no life.) Nadia George, lucky girl that she is, turned sixteen on the 30th of March, which was actually a Friday. She was “blessed” with eggs and leftover birthday cake(Honestly, wasting such a beautiful cake on her). She had the common sense to celebrate it on Saturday, as everybody was available that night, so there was no chance of any last minute things to do.
Unfortunately, it didn’t mean that I was off the hook from working at Stairs. I tried to do a rush job, but my mum just said to do it all over again. Blah! Finally, we finished at the magical hour of one o’clock. I could hardly wait to get home because everything was unorganized. After, like, half an hour of searching through my clothes, I found the perfect dress for the occasion. I specifically told the gang to pick me up at 6:00, but to them, it means 7:30 (Raro time). It was worth the wait, though.
There was about ten of us on that poor truck. I didn’t know how the vehicle could hack all that weight. Nadia, being a very safe driver, kept to the speed limit of 40km per hour. Knowing her, I thought she would have a drag race or something. I guess she was feeling very responsible that night. When we finally arrived to our destination, which was the infamous restaurant Nu Bar, everyone was all hyped up. We were all going crazy over the camera, pushing everybody out of the way just so that we can be in the picture. We ate the most perfect steak (compliments to the chef) and mucked around for a bit.
After a good feed, we gaped it to “someone’s” house for the “F Shack”, the F standing for Fun. That was where everything went down. In a secret location, the members of the “F Shack Gang” gathered and had a jolly good time. Fitting ten people into a small shack is easier than it sounds, take my advice. After a loud session of music blasting up, I think one of the neighbours got a bit iffy and complained. After that, we just minimized the volume by a tiny bit.
Everybody was singing off tune and doing some crazy stunts. We were all buzzing out at the DJ’s (a.k.a Aaron) selection of songs. The greatest hits ever. It all came to an end too soon and eventually, I had to get dropped off. I texted my parents if I could stay a bit longer and all I got was a half an hour extension to my curfew. Well, it was better than nothing. After a fun, but slow, drive to my house, everybody was still in a buzzy mood. At least we would have heaps to talk about when we got back to school. -Norma Ngatamariki

Herald Issue 608 21 March
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