HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Pacific Way film crew arrives
A film crew of three has arrived from Fiji to look into the production of a documentary based on the overall theme of land and marine biodiversity and climate change/climate variability.
The team is headed by Larry Thomas and includes Emily Moli and Joji Nabalarua.
The film makers attended the second quarterly meeting of the Climate Change Country Team (CCCT) and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) team held at the DPM Office conference room on Tuesday morning starting at 10am.
Larry advised that the team was working for SOPAC and was part of the “Pacific Way” TV show media team. They were looking for stories people could relate to. They were seeking guidance and ideas regarding people to talk to such as the elderly and the youth.
They wanted to find out how climate has varied over the years. The team would not be able to travel to the outer islands as they were only here until next Tuesday.
Their film will play on the “Pacific Way” programme.
The Cook Islands is the first nation they were visiting and they hoped to include a look at climate mitigation and adaptation.
The team received some helpful advice from those attending the CCCT and DRM meeting and they will also be contacting Marine Resources, MOIP and EMCI.
The “Pacific Way” programme is screened on CITV. -Charles Pitt

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