HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Cook Islands attends major sports convention
The 2nd World Olympic Sports Convention held in Moscow Russia saw 171 sports ministers and 204 member NOCs in attendance.
Of particular significance to the Cook Islands was discussion sessions on:
1) the development of collaborative public policy linking the benefits of sports to the economy, education and health.
2) collaboration between NOCs and Governments in the development of high performance sport.
3) the development and promotion of youth sport.
The Cook Islands were represented by Minister of Sports Hon. Mark Brown, CINOC Treasurer Dan O’Brien and Siniva Marsters.
Presentations from various member countries provided the delegation with plenty of ideas in pushing forward initiatives on closer collaborative efforts between government, NOC, national federations, sponsors and the IOC. It is apparent that a lot of resources are available for sports codes and individuals. It is a matter of putting in the effort to accessing the resource support.
The conference also provided an opportunity to meet with ONOC President Dr Robin Mitchell and Sec Gen Ric Blas. The Minister was able to have full and frank discussions on CISNOCs current status and
it’s commitments to establishing robust and transparent financial management systems so that it can move forward. It was also an opportunity for the Minister to reaffirm the government’s commitment to sport as a key development tool for the Cook Islands. The benefits of sports on the economy, health, education and social well being are well recognized. It is vital to maintain good cooperation between government and our NOC is of vital importance.
It was apparent that countries that viewed funding for sports as an investment rather than as a cost were the ones that demonstrated a greater return on that investment.
keynote speaker President Putin of Russia was quoted “There is no other tool more powerful than sport to have a country recognized and involved in international communities and to have international reputation and respect”
Minister Brown stated “Our country has invested significantly in sports in both infrastructure and support events, it is important that we continue to recognize the value of sport to the Cook Islands and do what we can to promote and increase this value.”

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