HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Heather has full confidence in current leadership
Last Tuesday Hon Teariki Heather Minister for Infrastructure and Planning told listeners to Marariki FM Radio that he fully supported the leadership of the Cook Islands Party under Prime Minister Hon Henry Puna.
The questions on the leadership were put to Heather in Maori by William Framhein and the following English translation is provided by Charlie Rani.
Framhein: Is there any friction with leadership within the Cook Islands Party lead Government today? The Prime Minister himself seems to be taking a lot of trips overseas and, how do you as a Cabinet Minister view this?
Heather: Before the last general election I did put my name down to challenge for the party leadership and when it was put into vote during a Party Conference our current leader won the election. Personally speaking I have nothing against that and have full confidence in the Prime Minister’s leadership and I can’t speak for other Cabinet Minister’s.
Your question of the Prime Minister having frequent trips abroad, he has to travel for the need of the country and explore avenues even though they are not to be seen and not to be heard. My challenge for the then leadership I have no intention then or in future to take up that task again of challenging for the party leadership. The Conference has determined what is good for the party. I am happy with my Ministerial portfolio allocated by the Prime Minister and also to help my own constituency of Puaikura and also for the country as a whole. We have a strong party and Cabinet that works together for the country. During Cabinet meetings we do put our individual cases forward but at the end of the day we have a conclusive achievement of what we think is best for our country to move forward.
Framhein: In the private sector especially they are not happy with the current state of the economy as a way forward and fall back on the current Government? The economy is flat and Government is not doing much for the private sector and they are saying that you will do well as Prime Minister?
Heather: I thank you for those views and like I said earlier, I am happy where I am under the current CIP leadership.
The Herald acknowledges the assistance of Matariki FM Radio.

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