HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Thank you Smiley Heather
The MP apologizes on behalf of Ruaau Beautification Team

Ruaau resident, Ngamau Tou was disappointed to see that her dwarf Nu Mangarongaro tree was chain sawed down on her main road section without proper authorization. The 40 year old dwarf coconut tree, well known for its medicinal properties and typically grown in the northern group was cut down to make way for the renewal of a cemetery grave, which is partially located on her property.
At first she thought that the Ruaau beautification team was pruning it. It looked great, says Ngamau, because she saw it nicely pruned that Saturday morning. However, later that afternoon, as advised by Smiley Heather, it was chain sawed down completely.
Ngamau advised the times that she rang the head of the beautification team Mrs Nooroa Rangi on Wednesday, Anzac Day to ask her, who had cut down her tree. She expressed to her how angry she was and wanted to take them to court for trespassing onto her property and cutting down the tree. After cooling down, Ngamau tells the times, she became open to meet with them to discuss who gave them permission to go onto their property and work out ways to resolve what happened. I waited for someone to come and see me. No-one came home, says Ngamau.
The following week I saw the Ruaau beautification team once again on my property and so I rang the Police and explained to the Police what had happened. After half an hour, Smiley Heather along with Tou Ariki was escorted to my home by the Police to begin discussions on what actually happened.
The explanation provided to me was interesting, says Ngamau. I couldn’t quite believe it but at the same time I could understand the traditional thinking that may have overshadowed their decision to cut the tree down. The story is short. Smiley Heather sort permission from Paenui Rangatira through his brother Black Heather. They had assumed that Paenui Rangatira had the authority to cut the tree down. They now know that she does not have that authority.
After a brief discussion on how to resolve the mistake, I accepted the following: Smiley’s apology for the mistake, with a strong emphasis to Smiley that he must check out first who actually owns the property before they enter, secondly, their offer to plant another Nu Mangarongaro on my section and thirdly, the offer to financially compensate me as a token of value that is in a 40 year old tree. Ngamau was advised by Smiley that the valuation is to be undertaken by Agriculture.
Ngamau says, it will be interesting to see what figures they come up with as it is a tree that is irreplaceable unless planted from an uto. However, she knows that the tree is of high value and does not expect full reimbursement for it and advised Smiley to give from their heart to show their value for the Nu Mangarongaro. A costly mistake I am sure they will not repeat, says Ngamau.
In closing the Herald has been advised by project investors of Ngamau’s property that the Ruaau beautification team are very fortunate that Ngamau has insisted that investors not claim for commercial loss, given plans have already been architecturally designed and completed recently by a New Zealand architect for that property. The Times is advised by the investors’ commercial lawyer that revenue loss is estimated around $22,000. The tree played a significant part in the proposed business concept.

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