HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Mothers Day
I was planning to wake up at seven in the morning, I swear. Unfortunately, I woke up two hours after my planned time. I was going to give my mum a kiss and a hug and then go back to sleep. Some daughter I am, eh? Well, I promised that I wouldn’t play up today and that I would do all the chores. We had been invited to the New Hope Church by our neighbor, Mama Ligi. I was glad she did that, because honestly, my mum deserved to get out of the house for Mother’s Day. If I had the money, I would shout her for lunch, but as it is…
So I awoke at the luxurious hour of nine and my mum was already up and running. She’d been quite busy, making eis and organizing the food that we were going to take for the feast. I felt kind of bad, because I didn’t help her out, but I did pick the flowers, so that’s some sort of contribution. In truth, I think I would’ve gotten in the way than helped out. But even though, she knows I love her.
I had agreed to come to church with her, only because it was Mother’s Day. I sacrificed valuable sleeping-in time to attend the service. The weather was starting to look a little gloomy, so I told mum to hurry it up before it poured. She wasn’t going to be rushed, because today was HER day, after all. She loves dressing up for these kind of things anyway, so why would I want to spoil that for her? Dad just sat there and watched us run back and forth, fussing over what to wear and what to take.
When we had finally made up our minds on what we were going to wear, we took off to church. When we arrived, it looked as if we were a bit too early, because no one had arrived yet. I was trying to persuade my mum to come for a walk, but she wanted to talk with some old friends. I made an effort not to make any snappy retorts, because it was Mother’s Day, so I calmed myself down. We took our seats inside the church and, little by little, the place started to fill up slowly. It was a beautiful service and it was really enlightening because of the sermons that they shared with us. It made me appreciate my mum even more.
At the end of the service, a feed was held. The food had to be ten meters long down the table and my tummy rumbled with anticipation. That first thing I went for was the rawfish, since I haven’t had that in ages. I had a mountain of food on my plate when I was done and I sat down with my good friend, Vanic, on one side and my mum on the other. It was a soothing afternoon, for my mum and I. I was glad that there wasn’t any cooking to be done that day. Lolz. -Norma Ngatamariki

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