HERALD WEEKLY ISSUE 608: 21 March 2012

Arts Council ready to nominate board
For the past 4 months a group of prominent Cook Island artists have been working towards setting up “Konitara Are Ta’aunga” the Cook Islands Arts Council. The role of the Council is to support, develop and showcase Cooks Islands Art and Culture, and further develop the Arts as a valuable national resource. This will be achieved by providing financial assistance to artists and arts organisations; undertaking a range of projects to promote and develop the arts; and offering advice and information on the arts to Government and other associated organisations.
It was deemed timely that the Arts Council be formed as an umbrella organisation to fully support all Art and Culture in our Country for the vitality and enrichment of our community. Great art and culture inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. In short, it makes life better.
The Council will support traditional and contemporary; visual arts, dance, theatre, music, writing, film, carving, tattoo, boatbuilding, navigation, weaving, tivaevae, costume making, fashion, sculpture, jewellery making, and any other artforms we may have overlooked.
We have formed a robust Constitution to set up as an Incorporated Society. A one and 3 year plan and budget from January 2013, is underway to establish a working framework. During this year we are encouraging and assisting several exhibitions, for example during Te Maeva Nui, a National Art Exhibition in the National Museum, and several “living” and static exhibitions of weaving, costume making, and a voyaging symposium at the Inanui Gallery. These events are planned to begin the establishment of a National Arts Festival showcasing the Arts around the Te Maeva Nui festival. Our aim is to include all other forms of contemporary and traditional arts to further develop Te Maeva Nui Festival into a “not to be missed” event on the international arts calendar. Other events are scheduled throughout the year. We are also encouraging Government support in areas of the Arts and culture where they are not presently active, for example Historic Preservation; historic Buildings, historic Sites, digitising of archives and records, setup of a National Art Gallery, to name a few, and most important funding across all arts and culture.
Membership to the Arts Council opened a few weeks ago, we have 50+ members so far, with many more interested. Membership is $10 per member or group. Membership will help establish the Arts Council and gives each financial member a vote for each of the Arts Councils 7 Board members. Membership also allows you to play an active part in the running of the Council. We invite all artists and supporters including members of the “Arts Community” to come to our meetings at Inanui Gallery right next door to the T Shirt factory, at 4:30pm every Thursday, and also to become members and be involved in the Arts Council. It is vital we support each other as artists and art groups in our small Country, if we are truly interested in forwarding the Arts . Nominations for 7 Board Members are now being taken. Board members are selected for their participation, knowledge, appreciation, and/or support of the arts and culture of the Cook Islands. One member each from the Aronga Mana and Government will be chosen once the Board has been elected. The nominations procedure and meeting to vote the Board on Thursday 14 June will be advertised.

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